Sunday, 4 January 2009

Doctor.... no!

...the Doctor David is leaving us for pastures new after 3 more special episodes,
but not until end of 2009 ....
and just when I have come out forom behind the sofa!

Tennant and Ecclestone (Chris not Bernie)
have both been sublime and added new dimensions to the role
only previously dreamt about or glimpsed in the Star Trek canon ....

Matt Smith, 26 from Northampton,
has been seen I hear in 24 hour party people and with Rose in the Ruby and Smoke of????

I await 2010 with unbated breath and palpitation free heart,
as this choice at first impression reminds me of and
I can only describe him from my perspective,
as a boy who looks like a cross between a new romantic punk Duran Duran reject
after a few rounds with Mickey Rourke,
did you catch the nose on the boy?
He will l'm sure grow into his face by his late 30's,
which many will now go on and no doubt describe as an interesting or an edgy look.

His Mum will be so proud, won't she!


  1. My 85-year-old mum commented that Matt Smith reminded her of a fop from Eton or Harrow!

  2. Not a doctor Who fan so remain unmoved. Was very scared of the daleks when I was a kid though

  3. Well, I saw the bit on TV yesterday where they showed him during his first interview for the job, and though he may not be anybody's idea of a pin up, I think his acting talent will let him shine. My personal favourite Who? Why, Tom Baker of course...Dig that scarf!

  4. Was really hacked off it wasn't that guy who was in Peep Show and the Survivors. He looked a real favourite to be the first black doctor Who. But no, they had to have THIS one! Fed-up! xxx

  5. I was also one of the hoards of people getting themselves worked up as the announcement neared. That in itself is quite sad, of course, but not half as sad as the fact that said announcement left me utterly under-whelmed.

    The feedback on my blog and elsewhere seems to suggest that everyone was taken unaware but that the decision has split the viewing public down the middle.

    All we can do, of course, is sit tight and wait and see what they come up with. At worst, of course, it'll give us all an hour of our Saturday nights back again! ;)

  6. THIS is the new Dr Who????? (I'm away, out of the country, so please excuse me)

    I really hope this is like when Daniel Craig was named as James Bond and everyone thought he was going to be pants and then... oh, and then... came THOSE swim trunks... things looked up pretty soon after that!

  7. I'm reading this as I watch a documentary about Swarms...narrated by David Tennant with his never expected Scottish accent...and the new Doctor has a lot to live up to...good luck!

  8. I love Doctor Who. My favourites are David Tennant, Tom Baker and Christopher Ecclestone (in that order).

    I watched Dr Who Confidential to get the low down on this new Doctor. Despite my shock at seeing someone so odd - and a bit kooky looking - I think Matt's going to be great.

    For a start - it's not essential to fancy the Doctor. He IS an alien. Also, I thought I saw some of the edginess in Matt's manner. He'll have a dark side, he'll be slightly mad. And we'll get used to the hair.

    Bring it on!

  9. Oops, meant to say 'young and kooky looking'. It just got typed as 'odd'. Freudian slip.

  10. David Tennant has been the best for me, so far. I'm afraid this new guy id going to drive me mad. 'GET THAT HAIR OUT OF YOU EYES..NOW!


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