Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bone Destiny

Today was my  appointment for a bone density or in my mind a bone destiny scan - well the result could be prophetic! I was offered two venues The Freeman in Newcastle which is apparently state of the art (or is it ark? ) only a smart 55 minutes in the car with a shopping opportunity grasped by the wallet and a chance meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Billy?  Or the West Cumberland which would see me within 6 days of the phone call.  So no shopping, no meeting Mr. S Billy and missus, no scenery to speak off, there obviously IS scenery in west C and no quick get there and out again, because Larry drives so much in his job when he's home he drives like a Sunday afternoon driver, he even wears a flat cap.  Well l wouldn't want to offend would I?  But I think some of West Cumberland, without the Lakes of course, is well pretty er bleak is the word, oh and dismal too. 

Larry drove me over, he said that I may arrive less stressed if he drove (!) as I'm not too familiar with the drive or the Hospitals location  that with me being a fast driver and all, I could be 5 miles past where I need to be before I would even notice - which has happened  before,  er often.

It was good 80 minute drive to there with a short drive along the coastal road which was peppered with humongous big star wars invaders  (wind turbines) now if  l had been driving it would have been most awkward to take photos but I did try.

I'm digressing totally here in the hope of finding something interesting to say and as l am failing dismally. And  I have to confess that this post is really a nothing post as l haven't much to impart and it isn't really going anywhere!

For the two people who are interested about my results, my bloods show no evidence of Rheumatoid arthritis  (yet) and the lovely lady who took my medical history and gave me the scan was happy to tell me l have the hips of a healthy boney 50 year old woman, which really shock me to the core!  I momentarily had brain ache I saw red and my heart beat faster as I took  a deep calming breath and reminded myself that I AM 50 and so that is a good result not  a bad one! Phew for  a moment there I nearly showed myself up!

She also gave me some great tips on what to take for my migraine's ( I've been taking the wrong ones all this time) and my still gnawing ankle,  knee and  three knuckle joints. My right hip, that keeps getting stuck with pain and my stiff and aching neck, don't you just hate that gristly sound whenever you move your neck from side to side. I guess the answer there is to not move it then. Basically she said I may have mild arthritis which cannot be shown in blood tests or scans or it may just be Menopausal joint pain . Well I'd not heard of that symptom, duh!! SO keep taking the tablets as and when l need them and hope for this menopain to shift its ugly red necked, hot flashing, bent over sideways hop along Cassidy, bad tempered arse!!

Or maybe I've just got the first two bits of hyper - con - driac And why then have l shrunk nearly 2 inches in the last few years? A mystery.


  1. Aging.. a chore and a bore sometimes :( Glad you don;t have RA or ostoeporosis...

    Have a lovely day - and go shopping somewhere else:)

  2. What is it with our bodies? Don't they know they're supposed to be 29 forever?

    (don't forget the magnesium glycinate...)

  3. Saz, Glad everything seems fine with you - I wondered recently about the whole gristly neck thingy - Most odd, isn't it?!

    Did they say you could take something like stronger Ibuprofen for the joint pain - Have you tried fish oils?

    Post-40 we all shrink apparently 'though, isn't that right? Do they have a gauge or scale to check against, or could I be like Yoda in Star Wars when I'm 60?

    Take care!

  4. Glad you're ok. Sad you're in pain though

    S x

  5. greenjello- thanks for the tip lve stil to get some...

    AWONI- thanks I can take 600mg in one shot for pain or else cocodomol

    suburbia - pain in the neck more like..thanks

  6. God I hate aging...I was having all this fun for so long, and then suddenly I couldn't jump up out of bed with a shout and gleeful "bring it on", rather crawled out with an "Oh My Gawd, another day in hell"...and those damned bone density tests? Mine made me yell out loud and I threatened to pinch the tech...oh well, as my Granny always said, every day above ground is a good one...

  7. Nice play on words, Saz, so glad all is well, Glucosamine and Condroitan did it for me for quite a few years till my stomach had had enough. Vitamins Direct sell a years supply for £25.

    Been to see Slumdog Millionaire...What a great film.

  8. Good morning to you. I enjoyed reading about your adventure here. It is such a bummer when they start misbehaving like that. I agree with Green Jello's comment that our bodies should stay 29.

    Thank you for your recent visit and comment on my blog. You are welcomed over any time.

  9. Saz, so you are half French, how wonderful! I read your November blog, as prompted - beautiful, it also explains you loving Jonny 'Allyday, non?

    I loved that film with him in it recently, much of it was in black and white, or was that just him and my memory? A very stylish man, and you have such an intriguing life - Mexico and so on - Amazing! x

  10. sorry to hear about the pain. i am off to Whitehaven in the next few weeks- not a drive I enjoy.
    I had surgery last year. Pre surgery I was five foot six exactly. after surgery five foot five. What happened to that extra inch- I want it back

  11. Yes, I also get shocked when someone says, "Well, Mr. Sullivan, for a 50-year-old..." or something like that. Heck, I get shocked when someone calls me MR. Sullivan :-)


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