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Bear Ugg!

I have coveted my mother's Ugg boots for years. 
I keep telling myself I will buy a pair, 
but at over £150 plus P+P I've put it off numerous times. 
My train of thought being, when in doubt leave it out
I haven't  spent that much on a coat let alone pair of booties. 

During my adulthood there have been times, 
when I have had to live frugally 
and so I do find it hard to splash out sans guilt! 
Don't get me wrong l do treat myself, 
but I think once, twice, thrice beforehand.
 I do also believe very strongly - 
and l have posted on this subject before-
 that the anticipation is the fun part, perhaps this is a case in point.

However during my December visit to my folks, 
I wore almost constantly my mum's older pair of Ugg's 
and they were wonderfully comfy and warm.
(Though not so petty since ''le bodger' applied his handiwork)

So with some Christmas cash and a bit more,
I researched the Ugg phenomena carefully 
and on Boxing Day I ordered a pair from
 they were on sale and with the P+P were affordable-ish. 

Yesterday I was advised they were waiting for me at the Parcelforce office 
and I could collect them when I had paid the VAT and charges. 
I wasn't  sure whether to be pleased or miffed, 
they were here but I had incurred charges. 

I had to pay £23 and collected them on the way to work, 
and when I was settled I got them opened. 
The gallery was so quite I tried them on. 
Ahh! so  warm and comfy, though a tad snug, 
as the sheepskin was all springy and upright like a lamb.
However this morning I wore them out as it was cold. 
We dropped off my daughter at work, 
then Larry and I parked up dropped by Starbucks for a skinny latte, for me not him,
 his is drenched with caramel syrup and sugar, I do like sweet but that would make my teeth itch!

then I whizzed around Tesco for a few things, 
which as you know 'a few things '  
very oddly adds up to a weekly ££ shop  at the check out!! 
How does that happen?
The thing of it is, these Uggs make me slop around,
 I can't pick my feet up properly and 
I feel even shorter than my now 5'7" 
(three years ago I WAS 5' 8.5" and no one can tell me why!)  

I got hotter and hotter, until I was flushing from my toes to the tips of my hair, 
removing layer after layer, at the check out 
and beside myself with frazzledness, 
I thought my head would implode 
with all the little explosions in my head. 
Is it the boots, the coffee or me?

I'm not blaming the Ugg's but my now my feet are aching 
from the flat-footedness of them. 
When I look down I feel like Mama Bear with these huge dumpy feet. 
I don;t need bigger feet I'm a size 8!
But I don't feel like that when I wear my mother's, 
perhaps that cos she's worn them in so well 
and maybe its' cos they are hers and all that that implies emotionally!?
 Or is that too deep?!

SO if anyone is after a pair of short,  sheepskin Australian Uggs, size 8 uk - 
you can have then for the price I paid, no more no less -  
btw these are not Deckers UGGS made in China, these are Uggs made is Australia, 
Ugg's but not UGG's  if you understand. 
I think they've got to go!

( or should I wait ...?! duh!)


  1. damn- I wish they were size seven.I really fancy some. I get such cold feet!!

  2. Ah Sazzie,of course you do have your own personal central heating at the moment and Uggs do take a bit of getting used to and I have lived in flats forever, in fact I get vertigo in shoes with heels higher than an inch. If you can sell them then fine, but you could wrap 'em up again and wait till your metabolism had cooled down. As you know I LIVE in mine, and by the way, from the picture it looks as if you have bought the genuine ones, they are exactly like mine and they cost the whole caboodle.

  3. How about a pair of Birkenstock leather insoles? They are totally footshaped, and may help the ache...

  4. Saz, you love Moannie's boots, so why not wrax them in around the house first - I know what you mean about anticipation - That's me and a Louis Vuitton handbag - as if?!

    As for warmth, I saw a young floozie in Cannes wearing hers with her bikini the summer before last! It looked a little odd to me, but then no-one's ever called me stylish! xox

  5. maybe give them one more shot before giving up. I feel like my feet would be a sweaty mess if I ever got a pair! Yes, I am plagued by sweaty feet (how attractive) :D

  6. Thanks for the smiles... How disappointing for you, and they actually look nice, for Ugg boots.

    Once the "personal summers" have passed, they will feel better. When a flush hits, you will glow, whatever you are wearing! Note- avoid wool jumpers that you cant rip off without being left indecently underdressed... wear camis.

    The problem of the flat footedness is harder, and house breaking will retrain your legs into where they should be - we are designed to walk without heels.. :) However, the heels, and air cushions and super duper shock absorbing shoes we do wear make it hard to handle anything else.

    And over on this hemisphere, they wear Uggs everywhere, but to me they are slippers for warmth at home more than a going out shoe.. unless it is a snow shoe version!
    Hang on to them a while - still lots of cold weather to go.

  7. How disappointing for you! You must be so annoyed that your Uggs are not what you were expecting. :(

    In a whisper: the word verification is basterl - just one letter different to what I bet you thought! LOL

  8. Very funny!
    I inherited my Uggs from my daughter.
    They are very bashed up looking but wonderfully comfy. (New ones cost $160 here in NY).
    It is icy out and I wear the boots sans socks.
    But I have to take them off the minute I come indoors or my feet BOIL.
    Hope you find a happy taker for them - they are bliss when behaving well.

  9. You need to wait!
    I don't enjoy wearing flats anymore, but I think you should give it a bit longer :)

    (word verificatio = chili! A warning to keep them I'd say!)

  10. What a shame, particularly as they are so expensive. I am a size 6 so cannot help you out and I think they would probably make me walk like a pregnant duck anyway!

  11. 150 quid? Wow, even though you get two, that's still lots of dollar for shoes! I really hope you enjoy them. Is Ugg an iconic brand like that Jimmy Cheese fella?

    Keep at it a bit and see how they go.

    I am six five and have no advice to share about heels.

  12. Moannie, Fhina,Carma, fi, SUb and Roserio...I shall keep them...yeah, no knee jerk decisions, calm, chill ( who me?) and I have them on today, my day off..around the house, as Iv'e just thrown away my slippers and need a pair.I will use these..and break them in..and then well..whatever...Thanks guys and girlies!!

  13. Ah, well, see, where you went wrong is that you bought Uggs! Next time, do yourself a favour and go to

    You'll get the same high quality and very similar styling - not a huge amount cheaper, but you won't incur import charges and you'll get them quicker. Pretty much the same styles, huge choice of colours in the basic ones, and they do the wonderful, incredible, waterproof Aqualamb sheepskin boots. You can walk over muddy fields in the rain in them and they just brush off.

    Secondly, yes, you will find they're tight when you first get them, you need to allow time for the fleece to flatten a little for ultimate comfort, but here's the thing: you do not need socks with these boots, in fact they are far more comfortable without, and perfectly warm enough.

    I have a pair of the ribbon boots, too. Just lovely! And OH has the houseboots because his feet get terribly cold.

    There, aren't you glad I dropped in?

    I did enjoy your account though! LOL!

  14. Oh my goodness! They do sound cozy. So there's a break-in period, then? And yes, I know what you mean about a "quick stop" at Tesco's for a "few things" ;-)

  15. thanks jay l will pop over as my daughter wants a you say why go to Australia of there are good ones here... thank you!


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