Wednesday, 7 January 2009

ABC WEDNESDAY - Y is for....


We don't often get snow here in Carlisle, Cumbria

because we live in a basin which is a renowned flood plain

in the mouth of the Solway Firth

when it does snow it's usually here and gone in a matter of hours

so last night about 8pm it started and it settled

the kids got excited

at 11.30pm I took my camera out

and tried to capture the moment

-not very well I might add-

what with the light, the wet flakes attacking my camera and the flash going crazy

I hardly managed unfuzzled image

I hope it captures something of the moment

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  1. Yes, Cumbria was on the main news today, looked very beautiful. hose were very atmospheric pictures, Saz.
    Here it is bitterly cold but no snow.XXX

  2. Love that first one, especially. Dark and haunting, but with a hint of gentle magic.

    Cold down here too. Very. Do try toast slathered with Vegemite and Kashmari chilli. So warming...and very good for raising the serotonin levels without drugs.

  3. Don't eat the yellow snow! First rule of snow club-

  4. That sounds fun all having a look together, excitedly!

  5. Those photos are pure magic!

    Happy New Year, FF&F. May 2009 be chock-full of magic. Or at least chocolate.

  6. Brrr...nice, but nippy pics, FF&F. Make me pull my wooly poncho closer round my shoulders!

  7. Magic indeed!

    Wanted to email you but cant find it...


  8. Great the one with the street light...sort of an aura about it...

  9. Very atmospheric! Not possible to photograph snow here at 11.30 pm as we have no street lights and also no snow.

  10. Magic for the kids and a perfect photo op.
    Nice choice for Y.

  11. Beautiful snow...if only it stayed rather than diappeared in agrey and brown soggy mush!

  12. we only got a bit down here in Windermere- I noticed you had a 'heavy snow' forecast yesterday

  13. What great shots, very artistic!

  14. Yeah I took some photos of the snow at 6am out of the front window and startled a neighbour walking the dog! Hope I haven't traumatised him....:)

  15. frumpy, do your talents know no boundaries? x


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