Friday, 12 December 2008

My Trip so far

Hi Guys!!!

I'm missing you already...

The drive down was fine, made great time, then hit the Dartford/Thurrock Crossing and waited half an hour to cross. Then couldn't get into the right - by which I mean left- lane and so couldn't get onto the M2 to East Kent- too many cars/lorries/trucks etc.  I had to follow the road to Maidstone. In the city centre, I couldn't see any familiar signs, so like ET I phoned home. My husband told me to follow any  Chatham signs, doh! Ive done this a dozen times and never stuffed up before.  In Chatham I found myself out side Toys R Us and I asked a man, as you do, where I should go - he was not tempted by the open line I fed him and gave me directions. I was  all set. Then I realised as it was darker, darker still, I had on my sunglasses, I then couldn't find  my new Missoni varifocal spec's, as they were missing from the dashboard. So I had either dropped them in the loo or  at Costa's at Scotch Corner 300 miles away ... Duh! Or perhaps as my car was apparently unlocked when I returned to it,  I thought I may not have locked it properly, so the guy in the car next to me...? Oh dear.

Anyway I am at my parents' home, all safe and sound and well fed as usual. So far I've enjoyed a variety of  superb fayre! 

AND... whilst checking out the loacl TK Maxx, it HAS to be done ... I popped into my mobile phone providers store and bought myself a broadband 'dongle' and now I have internet access on my laptop, away from home.  Am I sad or wot?

So you see,  I'm not really gone - but I have heard it whispered that I am long gone judging by the loss of so many objects lately! Currently I am all tucked up in cashmere layers including one pashmina following the breakdown of the central heating. We do have a blazing fire going, but it is a BIG room...

More later....

p.s. Mum says she is missing you too!


  1. Well, more good wishes for your trip!

  2. Great blog, FFF. I remember having fun trying to get to Broadstairs once! What is it about Kent?

  3. That was quite a journey! Glad you finally made it. It sounds as if you're in for a great time. It must be a bit chilly without heating, though.

    Student son has passed his dongle on to me, as he no longer needs it. This means that I, too, can still blog, even when I'm at my parents' house. Woohoo! (I do feel a bit pathetic about not wanting to be without access to my blog for a couple of days, though!)

  4. Glad you are safe, sound and warm..

  5. Ah that sounds so cosy despite the fraught journey and biting cold. It's snowing in Paris and we can feel an icy wind rushing through our sitting room, but it's nice to be tucked up inside! Bon weekend to you all.

  6. Glad you're safe and sound - and being very well looked after by the parentals! Keep warm and have a lovely weekend. Oh..and Kentish photos, please.

  7. Glad you're safely there. I can see why you couldn't resist your dongle thingy!

    Eat well and relax :)

  8. Glad you got there safely, eventually!

    Winter without heating - did that last January when the boiler bust - never again. Lots of layers, blankets and hot water bottles are the order of the day!

  9. Have a great weekend chez parents!
    I did the specs thing just like you when I was driving home to San Diego from LA in gnarly traffic on the interstate and the early wintry dark.
    I drove in the dark with my (prescription)sunnies on for 100 miles, in many lanes of scary traffic.

    Found them when I got home — on the floor under the front passenger seat. Duh!
    (And if I'd had a working pair of brains, I'd have got off the freeway, stopped, and had a good look ...)

  10. well done- a long and busy journey successfully done. Hurray. I often frequent Costas Scotch Corner... enjoy being pampered.
    PS- can you access internet anyway with your new broadband dongle on the laptop?

  11. Well I am a saddo also, I make sure we have internet access when we go away on vacation.........glad you're having a good time.

    Gill in Canada

  12. Hey FFF, great to hear from you, and most exciting on the mobile dongle! How much does it cost each month and what's the speed like? Very cool!

    I suspect that man you asked for directions missed a treat even with an open line, the silly bugger!

    Keep happy and well.

  13. Hope you found your glasses. Kind a sounds like me. Once I searched for the car keys for three weeks (go figure). I blamed everybody and everything, even the dog… in the end they were at the place where they are supposed to be… but since I never but things where they are supposed to be… I didn’t look.
    Layers of cashmere… I would even let the fire go for that!

  14. Fida- dont be too layers are mostly from the supermakrets, who provide us with our winter cashmere collection at bargain prices, now reduced to £25 each...machine washable too, so Mum and I buy them bigger and layer them. Great...

    Tessa- sorry, left the batteries for my camera at home charging, s no Kent photos this time.. have been hampered by icey fog too...

    Bs5- the dongle is £5 a month to existing £ customers, Car phone does em too! SO far the speed is not any obvious difference to my wireless home hub, so am very impressed.I think the allowance is equivalent to 30 hours, but we will see. Its only for use when away from home really.(and seeing as the Bose sound dock has not yet materialised, I though I was entitled...LOL..

    I drive home tomorrow..

  15. Love your blog title, "Fat, frumpy & fifty." Sounds like quite the trip, so glad you made it. I'm sure I wouldn't venture too far from that fireplace.

  16. That all creates a fabulous picture. Have you asked Santa for a satnav for Xmas...?

  17. You were soooo close to me when you were (lost) in Maidstone! How did you cope with the one-way systems?!
    Sorry the weather was not better for you.
    I love going to visit my mum and she's only 45 mins away!


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