Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My enthusiasm maybe curbed

I go away for a few days and what do I find when I get home?

Larry David has moved in...

Yesterday morning before I went to work, we exchanged news from our two little worlds, updates on daughter, son, dog, mothers in law etc. Then he regales me with the tale that he was in the supermarket standing in the queue idly looking into the baskets of those ahead- as I often rather smugly do. He noticed the woman in front had two pairs of black lace hold up tstockings and he looked right up at her and she caught his glance and they both looked down to the stockings and then back at each other. Without thinking he raised an eye brow and so did she, then they both looked away... do you see what I mean- a Larry moment which could so nearly have been a Larry disaster?

During this interesting chat our daughter launched herself into the room and asked, " Is it slippy?"

Larry " Er... I'm talking to your mother!"

Daughter - " Yes I can see, but is it slippy?"

Larry - "Is what slippy?"

Daughter - "the pavement!"

Larry - " How the hell do I know? Do I look like I've been outside yet?" - pointing at his bare feet!"

Daughter- "Okay take a chill pill, I just wanted to know if it is slippy this morning, that's all!"

Larry is now looking a bit flushed around the gills and his eyebrows and palms are facing the ceiling aghast - "Why don't you open the front door and look?"

Daughter is gently patting his shoulders - "Now calm down, be careful of the blood pressure!"

Our son shouts out from his room - "Its 9 degrees outside!"

Larry cheers - "The voice of reason and only 14 years old!"

Back into the old routine - but with a funny, bald,  spectacled  middle aged man, now called Larry!


  1. ha ha. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet while you were in Kent, but you can pick up an award from my blog.

  2. Funny bit about the stockings. My luck, the woman would have been some sort of undercover vice cop and pinched me for public lewdness or something.

  3. I can see it, well not the tall thin bespectactled bit, but the red face and bare feet. And how it could have been a disastruous Larry moment.

  4. Now that's a strange household today!

  5. Poor thing. And you have to be patient like Cheryl I suppose. Hope those two get back together.

    Secretly fancy Larry David - terrible, isn't it. xx

  6. My queenager often does the old "now calm down" routine with me. One of these days I'm going to belt 'er one!

  7. Wonderful ... I wish I had seen that supermarket moment ... priceless!



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