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I'm all done, almost....

I'm sorry if this annoys or irritates you, but it is true. I AM  almost done! 

After spending ££££'s for decades on Christmas  and putting the cost all on credit cards, that has all changed and over the last ten years or so l have honed my Christmas buying skills to this painless-ish cash only affair. I'm now just waiting for a couple of deliveries and one more pay day to buy three more gifts.

I start buying Christmas presents just as so soon as I see something that I know will suit one of my friends or family members. 

This year I've bought even more of my Christmas presents online. This is great for research, for comparing prices and then going into the shop to save on postal costs or for actually buying, as many postal costs are waived the nearer we get to the big day. I've bought from lots of different sites including Amazon and sshhhhh eBay too, but not second hand goods just better prices, so this is good for the credit crunch and for my purse. 

I  store the presents on top of my wardrobe in a lovely and very old battered tan leather expandable suitcase. Which of course has been long filled and now an assortment of tk maxx bags are filled too! Then about  a week before Christmas I spend a day off or evening alone with a glass or three of sherry, wrapping and sorting into gift bags.

I have made or crafted some of my gifts, of course I can't tell you here what these are, as I don't want to spoil any surprises. I always think the greatest gifts at Christmas are those that have been thought and chewed over. It doesn't take much to remember and even write  down ideas, or when someone mentions a book or talks about something that can be linked to a great gift. Ohhhhh I wish I could explain further..... but I darent tell!

I put out the children's Advent calenders, of the chocolate Simpson's variety and to fill my own heart I have for the the first time in over twenty years put out a traditional Christmas Advent for me and Bahumbugs. This I thinking is a clever notion, as when I am away next week Bahumbugs will have to open the doors and he will be badgered by the kids, lest he forgets! 

I look forward to this short trip, which I make every year in early December. I have found myself get a bit low over the Christmas period, and I think I can avoid this by making this trip down to Kent each year to visit with my parents. I take down the Christmas gifts with me and as now I no longer have  an old banger of a car I drive rather than train it down. This also means that I am not hampered by the issue of weighty gifts.

When I come back it will be Christmas Carols in the Catherdral, my daughter is in the choir and I always find it very emotional listening to Silent Night and others in that setting. My two teenage children thought they would be sophisticated this year and said they would be happy to have  acurry, or eat out, go away for  few days, now they want a home style christmas, not a single trimming or bauble out of place, just the same, funny eh? 

Then it'll be about a week to go and in a flicker of a childs smile it will all be over. Sigh.

A contender for post of the day at Authorblog, thanks for the mention David!


  1. Well, good for you. I'm the type who waits until the last minute, mostly. I don't mind the shops, though. Most folks are in a decent frame of mind then. Those that aren't? I give them a big smile, a "God bless you!" (if I'm feeling brave), and then ignore them.

  2. I do as you and buy throughout the year. I also buy my Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the January sales. I've actually posted my cards today, wrapped all the presents and am ready for Christmas apart from putting up the tree! :)

  3. I, too, am pretty much done. I have to pick up a couple of gifts on Friday that I'm having "done" and maybe one or two little things. I planned ahead this year because I thought my back surgery would be in the fall and I'd not be able to get into the shops. But now it isn't until January and I'm happy I did things ahead of time. Although, I do find myself tempted when I see things now and the season is upon us. I'm looking forward to the concerts and I know how fast the time will go by. Enjoy your visit with the parents and your time with Bahumbug and the little bugs. :D

  4. All over? Don't say that yet I'm only just getting to enjoy the build up!!

    I don't have much left to do,I aim to be finished in time for the last day of term, and like you I like to wrap in peace and quiet with a little drop of something alcoholic!

    Happy Wrapping :)

  5. I'm all behind this year and only half-done, so I am envious. There is so much to do still and then there's the cards, food shopping and the tree decorations. It always gets to me how much there is to do and it is over in a flash!!

  6. I do a lot online. I used to bake all my Christmas gifts. So much money poured into these gifts...

  7. Oh my gosh! I had better get a move on. See you next Wednesday if the roads are clear. XXXX

    Verification word is strive, are you telling me something?

  8. I had to stay in today to "sign" for all of my online shopping. I'm almost done, too. I love gift-shopping, but I hate feeling pressurized at the last minute.

    I did feel a pang of envy at the thought of a Cathedral Choir with one's own daughter singing: Heavenly!

  9. I keep thinking I'm done, then remember something else. I am normally a very organized person, but this year I have definitely slipped.
    This afternoon I picked the little one up from school at 11.45pm, brought him home for lunch and wrote out about 20 Xmas cards (with letters), affixed stamps and stuffed them in my bag, took him to his swimming lesson while I wrote about 10 more letters, dashed to get him a haircut (wrote two more letters), "popped" into a baby shop for cousins new twin babies' presents, ran to the Post Office for UK stamps, posted them then came home - all with 5 year old telling me he needed a snack. I have to say he was very good today!
    (It's now 9.30pm and I would love to do the rest of my Xmas cards but my two teenagers insist on telling me about school things for tomorrow!)

  10. I only have to get a coupe of little bits. Every year we say we are not going to get the kids much but you just cant help it when you out and you see gifts you think they will like.

    Have a good trip to Kent, It's not snowing here!

  11. I agree with David! (Sorry...just jealous! :))

  12. Yep, pretty much done here...freezer full with Christmas Dinner ingrediants! 8 for dinner, I'm cooking so cava will be flowing!

  13. My shopping was mostly finished in October, except for my sister's gift, and this year it was a 100% cash-only affair, as you say, which I'm exceedingly proud of. It's the first year that no credit card has been used in a very long time. That means smaller, more specific gifts, sure, but also such a good feeling when I know I won't have that bloated credit card bill in January.

    AND? I'm learning to knit. Maybe next year some handmade gifts will be included. Even better.

    You're setting a great example for your kids, FFF! Keep up the great work...D

  14. Hooray! Loud applause and standing ovation! Thoughtful and chewed over gifts are the very best EVER! Someonewhoshallbenameless gave me a poster (yes - a poster...and I'm old with wrinkles and stuff. I don't DO posters anymore) of the Great Barrier Reef taken from the moon. Or somewhere in space. I found out later that it was a freebie from National Geographic. Maybe he was being thoughtful - my mother is Australian and I was nearly eaten whole by a giant clam when diving the GBR so there is a certain tenuous connection, I 'spose. Frankly, I think he gave it to me because I'm his mother-in-law.

  15. Tee-hee...
    Still chuckling over Tessa's comments :))
    Well, you put me to shame my dear. I haven't even started- course, that's because we've been broke for 10 months now... HA!
    Oh well, anyone know how fast you can crochet 12 sweaters, 2 hats and 14 pairs of socks??
    Oh, and anyone know how to crochet?
    ps- followed David here

  16. great minds think alike, as I did a very similar post on my blog today!!!

    Gill in Canada, a fellow Cumbrian

  17. COngrats on the mention at Davids, my friend! I too am an early cash only gift buyer and while not finished, have just a few more things to pick up...hope your weekend will be filled with Christmas cheer!

  18. Well done you!
    So much money is wasted this time of year - it makes my head spin.
    My son wants a goat -but we are sendong it to Africa via Heifer International.
    I would rather like to keep one at home!

  19. That's showing off....I always have good intentions and sometimes even start the buying thing when it's still hot, secretly stashing the goodies away until the snow is falling. But then I forget them...finding the early presents when it's hot again. So this year, I've got nothing yet, which would be fine except I've lost the credit card, and it'll take 'seven working days' to replace...that's two weeks in real money. So no presents for anyone at this rate...

  20. Well done...... I am getting there but not as advanced as you!
    Congratulations on POTD.

  21. I can't believe you've done your Christmas shopping. Since being ill all I've done is get a few things on-line. We've arranged a babysitter for Thursday night and we're hitting the Trafford Centre. If they don't sell it, we don't buy it. When did Christmas shopping become a chore?

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