Friday, 19 December 2008

Hearts and minds

Bloody heck time flies when you're.....blogging! 

Apparently I have posted 102 posts with this little announcement, since er July... I'm not sure if I should be pleased or appalled, perhaps cos I don't know if this is alot or average ... anyway who cares I'm enjoying blogging and meeting so many interesting people, sharing stories and images, thought and problems, hearts and minds!


  1. and we are enjoying getting to know you too :)
    Hi from New Zealand...

  2. This blogging creeps up on you! ;)

  3. I agree, it goes really fast. I don't find time to post enough, but when I do read others and get round to writing something myself I'm so happy I'm hearing all these varied voices and getting to know so many different people.

  4. Please keep blogging - yours is a welcome and cherished stop on the cyber-highway! :)

  5. 102? That means your centenary post went uncelebrated...we should have had a party!

  6. Thanks to my recent obsession with embroidering, I have frequently drifted away from keeping up day-to-day with blog readings and posting. The upshot was that by last night, I had over 300 posts waiting in the wings to be read and really was wondering how I was ever going to get around to all of them and get caught up while still working on my tablecloth project. The answer ended up being that I really did have to back off a good bit today on the embroidery stuff and now, I'm whittling away at those blogs, getting the numbers down, slowly but at least they are declining. But I hate to be away from the blogging stuff because of the very same reasons you cited about it, especially the meeting of new friends, sharing heart-felt stories and such.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours from "over here" across that big wide pond.

  7. You have nice hands, by the look of it!

  8. only the face is mine...the hands are too purfecttt to be mine..!!

  9. I know what you mean, I thought a hundred posts was unachievable, now I'm nearly at 200! I didn't know I had so much rubbish to impart!


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