Monday, 29 December 2008

frills, buttons and bows..

as you can see l have been fiddling
around with things here
but if you hate it 
or it slows the loading up 
to a snails pace let me know...


  1. OK clever clogs, how do you do that?!!!


  2. looking great. How did you do it? I want to know too- pleeaassse

  3. Actually, I think there may be a problem. That sentence doesn't make sense: "..... I have been fiddling around with things here it or it slows the loading......"

    Think half of your post is missing. Or is it just a problem reading it in Firefox?

  4. okay guys, its very easy, but may stuff up some older pcs, the loading that is...but if we are regulars well kep at it..

    got to his site...chose a background, there are loads and they are very cutesy as only our American pals can do....copy the code, paste it in an HTML gadget to your sidebar et voila...

    working mum..l think its firefox, its showing ok on mine...
    if you don't like it then remove it and it reverts back....adds a bit more character to your blog i feel...

  5. Thanks SAz. Yours is definatly classier than my violent green !!


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