Sunday, 28 December 2008

For 17 years

Summer 1992

For 17 years  ... 
I have held you close
I have watched over you
I have protected you
I have walked the night floors with you
I have kept you warm
I have fed and clothed you
  I have listened to you breathe
I have held your hand
I have heard your every murmur in the night
I have felt your pain
I have applauded your efforts 
I have listened to your troubles
I have poured oil on troubed waters
I have tried to soften the ground when you fall 
I have supported your dreams
    I have been proud of you
    I have walked by your side
I have cherished every moment we have had together
I have watched you grow into a beautiful, intelligent young woman
I look forward to watching you reach for your dreams
I have loved you
I will always love you....

Happy 17th Birthday !!

Summer 2008


  1. So lovely Saz! What would we do without our girls?

  2. A birthday the day before mine! I know many born on the 28th but so few who share mine, outside of Jon Voight and Mary Tyler Moore! Many best wishes to your lovely daughter!

  3. Beautiful...just beautiful...time goes so quickly...I swear it was just yesterday we brought Hope home from China...and now she's 5. I'm going to go wipe my tears!

  4. That was lovely Sazzie, and a wonderful gift for Gd! A seventeen year old granddaughter. 'I am old, Father William'.

    word veri. fabeeb...hehehe!

  5. It's scary how quickly they grow up isn't it? I can't believe mine are 37 and 32! :0

  6. Sitting here crying.
    I am loosing my son to another woman today.. he is getting married

  7. What a beautiful daughter! Happy birthday!

    Peace - D

  8. Happy Birthday, indeed! Best from the other side of the pond!

  9. Gosh, was 1992 17 years ago? One of the happiest years of my life. Yours too, i think.

    What a lovely blog.

    happy new year xxxx

  10. what a lovely post. I can't believe my son is thirteen, nearly fourteen, and in April he goes to Australia for ten weeks. I will miss him so much.
    Where does the time go?

  11. This is really beautiful, lucky girl she is too. Happy New Year to you all.

  12. frumpy, hang on, that is surely not you in the photo with your daughter? Yeah, I can see which one is which, but fat? fifty? and frumpy? Do I look stupid, or what? At Byker you are still close enough to be stalked, y'know? ;-)

  13. And it passes, doesn't it, the power of a generation, from one to the other. It boggles my mind! and yet, she's so beautiful!
    Happy belated!

  14. Saz I hadn't realised that your lovely daughter and my Grizzler were born in 1992 - is that right - Quelle coincidence!

    This is a wonderful post, full of the best kind of love - That of a wonderful mother... Bisous x


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