Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cumbria to Kent : Return

I'm just popping in to say cheerio, as I'm off first thing in the morning on my December pilgrimage to my parents in Kent. The whole trip with some excursions in between is around 1000 miles. So I will check tyres and oil in the morning when I fill up. Yeah! I know I should have checked them a few days ago, but cars and kit is not a thing that does it for me, as long as it works and is red and younger than the usual 15 year old models I drive. Loulou is 3 years old to me - 6 years old for real- she has been a bit expensive to maintain and that is because she is a a Citroen-apparently- but I love her. She is really a small van with windows. She does the job just right for me. She gets me from A to B and often without losing an exhaust or over heating. The locking system IS playing up, but at the moment it's working rather than not.

It takes me 5-6 hours including 2 x 15 minute tea and pee stops, if the traffic and weather is fine.

We have black ice and its below freezing just now, so l'll be a tad apprehensive driving over the A66 to Scotch Corner from Penrith, but as soon as l'm on the A1 l'll be good to go. With my ipod attached to the dash, some fruit and water to keep me going. I aim to be there before dark.

Then four days of relaxing, chatting, tv, shopping, laughing, walking and more chatting with Mum and Dad then Friday l'll be visiting some girlfriends.

Home again on Monday in time for the evening Christmas Carol Service at Carlisle Cathedral, which I am really looking forward to, so Christmas-y and my daughter in the choir.

I may even post something, as I'm taking my laptop to give some lessons on how to .... on blogger.

See you soon.


  1. Have a great trip! All you Brits seem to think driving 5 or 6 hours to get someplace is a looooooong drive, but here in Canada, it's just so...well, normal. lol
    Seriously, looking forward to hearing how the visit goes. :D

    btw, I loved Kent when I was there years ago when we saw Leeds Castle.

  2. Drive safe. And enjoy yourself.

  3. Have a safe trip - and say G'day to the family from me.

  4. Have a safe journey and a lovely visit with your delightful (sounding) parents and the very handsome Milou!

  5. Drive safely and enjoy your chats with your parents.

  6. Can't wait, Sazzie. Kettle's on.

  7. Hamba kahle! Go well...and I do hope have a wonderful, relaxing and happy time. I'm sure you will.

    (Hope you post more fantastic photos after your visit! That one is spectacular.)

  8. Family and friends !!
    Have a safe trip

  9. Hope your trip is uneventful and your time spent with the parents is a thrilling event!

  10. Loulou looks lovely. Might she be interested in an American boyfriend? My Roddy has had a longing look in his eyes recently, and... No, those long-distance romances never really work out.

    Have a great trip!

  11. Sounds like a great time. Be careful on those roads.
    From one beautiful corner of England to another — a lovely trip.

  12. Enjoy, have fun, laugh loads and then enjoy carols at Carlisle- sounds lovely and very festive.
    A66 is a road I drive at least once a week and it isnt the best fun at this time of year for sure- in fact- its the fog thats the worst.
    Now that you have gone ( and safely away) I can say that during my time driving on that road I have been blown off completely, stuck in snow, spun 360on ice,stopped by the police, and totally obstructed by freezing pea soup fog...
    The icing on the cake was having the car written off ( all the airbags exploded- the lot) by someone who drove into the left hand side of me ( she forgot to look left when coming out of a junction).
    So yes - it is a road that needs to be respected. SO much better since they duelled it!!

  13. Lucky you....have a fabulous trip

  14. That is a looooong journey. Hope the journey isn't too arduous and do have a lovely time!

  15. Why don't you use the M6/M40 and M25? They are much better roads! Have a good trip and have fun!

  16. Loulou is a journey!

  17. Hope your trip is going well, good to find your blog. The title drew me in from Tessa's blog. I am fifty next year and am quite unsure how to approach it. Stay in bed? Party? Ignore it? Eek. You don't look at all fat, frumpy or fifty so I'm assuming that's a joke.
    Cumbria always resonates with me, not because I've been there; I haven't. I have an old friend who moved there many years ago to run a hotel with his parents and I'd love to see him again. Lost touch. Phil, his name was, just in case any bells start ringing with you? lol! I know, it's a big place.
    Take care on your trip in your lovely red car and enjoy the time away in different surroundings.

  18. Sorry to come on so late to this but do hope you're having a nice time. xxxx

  19. Wishing you a safe journey and a wonderful visit with your parents. I know they are looking forward to having you there for a few days.

  20. So glad you're getting time to relax. Hope you enjoy it, though I'm looking forward to your return!

    Amazing first photo, did you take it?

  21. Have a great trip, can I ask a favour, if you get a minute, when you get back could you take a photo of the lights in the town, my mother has been going on about......

    Gill in Canada

  22. Thank you all for popping by...

    Suburbia - no I didn't take the Reculver towers pic, got it off google, but I may go along and take some myself...

    Gill- I will take pics for you and post...

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