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Another day, another year

I haven't ever understood or even enjoyed New Years Eve. I suppose in part this is because my parents didn't really celebrate it bar trying to stay up past midnight. This was probably more because they needed to be up later than the children. I do so understand that now my two are in their teens!

When Larry and I were younger I would try and keep up if we were out at the pub or a party, which we often were, (we were together for 17 years before the children came along). Most times I would have stopped drinking after my limit of 3 or 4 (or else l'm anyones!) and  everyone else would continue,  so you can see why it wasn't much fun then either. It was always such an effort  keeping company with those that could drink big.

Since having the children and the changes that they bring to our lives, in the last few years as they are older we have had cheese and nibbles and watched late night tele with Jools Holland into the early hours. But this year both children have 'plans'.  Being totally selfish I wouldn't mind if they fell through so that nothing changes, but I will be staying up waiting for the time I am allowed to collect them unobtrusively.

My in laws are Scottish so there is always much spoken about first footing and Hogmanay, some coal and drink attached to the poor Labrador. I just don't get it! I know its a tradition, but it feels so melancholic in tradition and whats great about another year? Is it to wipe the slate and start again, to say goodbyes to yesteryear's woes? I'm just grateful we have another year to potentially do good, do better and be wiser.

I'm quite happy for those who 'get it' to enjoy themselves.  I would like to enjoy myself, but not sure I know how to do that for New Years Eve.  I would prefer a date with the duvet quite frankly.  This post is tad too sober methinks so my next post will be much more up beat, I promise!


  1. Dear Hubby and I just stay in and stay safe. Same with our kids, thank goodness, what with the amount of drunks on the road. I try very much to take it one day at a time and if I'm lucky enough for all those days to make up another year, so be it. The older I get, the less I care about ALL holiday hoopla. I'm becoming an old geezer, Saz, HA! And thank you so much for the birthday wishes.

  2. I'm in the same boat~

    In years past it always was the same - the more grand, elaborate, expensive and well planned the evening, the less fun we had. Now a night at home with the teens having their friends over is much more enjoyable!

    Have a happy, happy New Year Sara!

  3. My family uses the day as an excuse to get together to eat, play games, and just enjoy each others' company.

  4. Hate to think it was pop and I who put the blight on New Year's Eve. We did try, but probably too hard.

    we shall once again try our best to stay awake and call out 'Happy New Year' to each other, coccooned in our respective bedrooms [the only civilized way to sleep]and hope we stay healthy for another year.XXXXXX

  5. So, would like three or four drinks then?


  6. I don't 'get it' either Saz! It is a strange time which brings out one of my worst trates; that of looking backwards instead of forwards. To both great new years parties and those spent sadly.

    This year will be tricky!!

    Take care and look forward, not forgeting to 'breath'!

    Sub x

  7. I've just written a post on New Year which I will publish tomorrow in which I feel the same. A melancholic tradition I just don't get.

    We're taking daughter to see Mary Poppins at The Palace in the afternoon; that's enough for me!

  8. In my much younger years -like 30-40 years back -I used to party-hearty with the best of 'em on New Year's Eve. That dwindled with age to just having a couple brews at the local pub to now, where I suck down coffee morning, noon and night and maybe, if the mood hits me, I might enjoy a mixed drink or a beer or two at home on New Year's eve while watching tv, crafting, enjoying my grandkids and their antics until they finally crash land into their beds and grant me peace and quiet for a few hours then!
    Half of my ancestry is Scottish but I grew up with the Swedish side of my family so knew nothing of the Scottish traditions of "first footing" and "hogamny" until about 405 years ago, I wrote an article about New Year's traditions for a little publication that used to exist in this area. I do love learning about various traditions celebrated by the different ethnic groups though, don't you?
    Peace and have a very Happy New Yeqr for whatever reason you care to designate. Mine is mainly that I'm still here on the planet and am lucky enough to have my daughter and her family -with the two little grandkids -living with me to keep me company, maybe even look after me, as I move further along in my dotage!

  9. No kids.

    Younger days we went to a party or two if we 'had' to ... mostly we stayed in, watched TV or a movie, or maybe early dinner out and then home to wait it out .. a few times I slept through it ... and this year .. well, if its not too cold maybe we will go out for an early dinner then come home and hope we dont fall asleep on the couch...

    Do I not sound like I am a hundred years old? OY!

    Happy New Year ... my resolution is to try to keep up better with comments on blogs I love, like your's!

  10. We still like to party on New Year's Eve, which is exactly what we will be doing tomorrow night! :)

    PS sorry but I couldn't help laughing at the WF - unifart! LOL

  11. things certainly do change when the kids get older. my 19 and 17 year olds will be out of town, so we're taking the younger ones to a movie and dinner and will probably be in best by midnight - a first for a few years!

    happy new year to you!!!

  12. We are having a small party. Saves going out and worrying about driving/drinking/ double rate taxi scenario. Just a few close friends, bubbly and nice food. I am getting to the point these days though where an early night sounds very appealling!

  13. I thought i was the only one who would rather watch the inside of my eye lids rather than stay up late getting drunk and silly. I dont do late nights especially with my darling daughter getting up at all hours.

    Hope your year goes well xx

  14. It's less the fact that it's the New Year and more the idea that a lot of the world simultaneously pauses for a moment, breathes deeply, and then begins again. The sharing of that moment grants it a special energy. (This year, however, I'm breathing in my sleep, I swear!)

  15. I had the absolutely worst New Years Eve two years ago. I HAD to go out with friends. I was the only sober one, since I was the designated driver. Nothing beats a ‘pyjama party’ at home!

  16. Having so recently discovered you, I now have the urge to browse your earlier blogs, and have been delighted to read the word 'methinks'. Language gets a raw deal, as texting abbreviations amongst the young spread like an infectious disease to other areas of life, and words like 'methinks' must fear for their lives.


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