Monday, 22 December 2008

Anticipation rules!

I was pondering today whilst at work - as it was so very quiet and I had nothing to do - thinking there's only a few days to go 'till Christmas day and how when I was a child it was almost excruciatingly unbearable to wait! The night before Christmas day I couldn't fall asleep how l tired and in the wee dark hours of the morning I would eventually drift off unawares.I can even visualise the various bedrooms I have been in on Christmas eve. A cold night in snowy Canada, a crisp cold one in England in the 60's and mild one in Mexico City, even creeping down the stairs in my teens in the early morning as a teenager in the 70's to see IF Papa Noel had been yet!

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've always firmly believed and cherished the feelings in the anticipation of the things, the fun of the chase, the waiting and crossing off date son a calender, saving up for that fabulous coat/bag/shoes.... and the anticipation I find that is key in anything, gifts, happiness, sex....does it quite live up to the anticipation?? Usually yes... but the anticipation does last longer!


  1. Oh I so agree. Somehow the anticipation is even better than the reality of actually opening those gifts! :D

  2. Yes, those hours before Christmas arrived and also the last 5 minutes each school year before we were let out for summer break! Those are my two most-anticipated times from childhood. In reality, at age almost-55 (I have a birthday in a few days) I keep very low expectations. That way I'm never disappointed if it turns out worse than I thought. On the other hand, I think I end up much more pleased when things turn out especially well! I hope you and your loved ones have a most blessed and wonderful Christmas!

  3. Being lost in the imagination of anticipation is delicious!

    Thanks for the invite by the way :)

  4. I knew it! I was right about you. ;-)

  5. Ff&f, the young, impressionable and excitable girl inside, always anticipating something, one thing after another. Christmas is right up your street, right?

  6. Stinking Billy- not so young,(but s you're the same age as my mama) Not at all impressionable, yes I anticipate but with nil expectation!!

    I'm an eternal hoper...

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