Sunday, 16 November 2008

What to write?!

 I don't often have a post in mind to write and then I read other bloggers' posts and I'm inspired by my comment and train of thought, to elaborate on the theme, I just love that! It's like magic!

For instance a couple of days ago,  David - authorblog McMahon wrote about things old and worn out (?!)  and asked if there was beauty in decay! HERE

So I have a couple of posts in draft waiting for suitable images.

I wonder if anyone else finds inspiration in the same or similar way?


  1. Yes! You inspired me to come clean about Bah Humbug!!! And I am inspired by others, trouble is I get carried away in the other bloggers comments box and write my inspired post there instead ;)

  2. Thats what its all about here in the blog world, veryone feeds off everyone else.

  3. David got my brain working with that question too. Old and decayed happens to be the backbone of all that I love, except my kids. They're pretty young and not one cavity!

  4. HA! Love the cartoon! One never knows from whence inspiration will come, even for blog posts!

    Peace - D

  5. Love the cartoon...I have one he did that has Beavers at the MN State Fair at the "Stick on a Stick" booth...has been on my fridge now for about 5

    Love the blog!

  6. Love the cartoon. Where DO you find 'em?

  7. Good one Sazzie. I too get inspiration from other blogs, but if I don't make a note AT THE TIME I forget where I found it and cannot quote the source and then a bit later I have forgotten it entirely, yet I can remember the smell of summer rain on hot pavements from sixty years ago. Go figure, as our American friends would say.

  8. Sometimes find other blogs are so incredibly good that I wish I could think of something just as good to write about. Then I look around me and remember that I do have something just as good. We all do. Blogging is so addictive isn't it!!

    CJ xx

  9. Life with a four year old seems to do it for me! Keep losing my theme of 'having it all' though, must get back to my raison d'etre one day......

  10. Just found your blog ... and just about wondering about coming out of denial about almost being fifty !
    I will be back ....


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