Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tesco - every little helps

Last year I bought myself a new camera online from Tesco. One of those emails arrived in my inbox with a 'deal of the day'  and for me the camera was the dog bollocks, in as much as it had a large 8 mega pixel whatsit .... and a large LCD, and yes I do like things big.. say no more! Oh and it is red! which is almost as good as purple but not quite, like size colour of inanimate objects does matter. It was a great price and the bonus was that it came with a, yes you guessed it, large  memory card. Total cost £74.

It arrived quickly but not with the promised memory card, so I contacted Tesco and they apologised, told me they'd run out and would credit me for the cost of the memory card. I found to my surprise a credit of £36.99 in my bank account, so the camera was only £37! I bought the same memory card from Amazon for a few pounds only, so a  result, thank you Tesco!

A few weeks ago my girlfriend's washing machine broke down in its last month before the 12 month warranty ran out, she arranged through the manufacturer a service call, she stayed in all day, but no one came. She called them again and spent one hour on the phone and arranged a second service call, no one arrived, again. The third time she complained and again apologies received and another day arranged, no one turned up AGAIN. Now apoplectic with rage she spent another hour on the phone, but they couldn't establish the problem and would call her back in due course. She called me in frustration and we talked about it, she decided to call Tesco as they sold it to her and I told her they were pretty good on customer service. Tesco called her back immediately to save her phone bill and they got to the bottom of the problem right away. The manufacturer had been faxing the repair guy, who was no longer the repair guy, so he had been ignoring the faxes. Behind the scenes Tesco sorted it out and within three days my pal had a brand new machine and model  installed and the old one taken away. Happy customer, great customer service.

Moral of the story? Contact the supplier of the goods in the first instance especially if it is Tesco.

Now hold that thought a moment, I have a question ...

In October 1975 , I had just returned from a year in the States and I had been working at Tesco for three days. It was late afternoon,  I was pricing and filling up the sugar bay by the staff entrance,  when in walked this tall blonde haired chap in a school blazer, he smiled,  flashed his white pearlies at me ( his teeth) as he passed by. Being very shallow and taken by his good looks I was immediately smitten.  I was sent to work with him - on the biscuits - later that shift.  He is now my husband and father of my children. 

My question is...if he pisses me off any further and insists in pursuing his impersonation of Dickens' Mr. Bah humbug, will Tesco exchange him for  a new model?  And btw I haven't a receipt or guarantee!


  1. I was beginning to think customer service didn't exist anymore.

  2. You never know until you try! ; )

  3. Heck! Ikea has a policy that if it's their product, they'll replace it no matter how old. Give it a go! LOL ;D

  4. Oh brilliant. Since most "machines" have a life expectancy of about 10 years in the consumer world, I think you should probably hold on to yours!

  5. that's so romantic lol
    Haven't set foot in a Tesco's in years and years... but I got lost in a hyperversion last time I went to England.

  6. If things get too bad, it might be worth a shot. Good thing that there was no great customer service department where I met my ex-husband cause I'd probably have tried to exercise that option with him. Oh wait -I met him in a bar so guess I got what I was looking for after all, didn't I?

  7. Tesco's...haven't shopped one in years but loved em like I love WalMart...I love WalMart, they'll take something back even if they didn't sell it to you...I kid you not! The true test will be to wrap up Mr Pearlies in a Tesco bag and go to the Service Desk and demand a Cheery Christmas model as this one has sprung a jolly leak...see what happens.
    You made me laugh and snort coffee again...getting to be a habit with you

  8. After all that time, they might just send him away for repairs!!

  9. Oh nice one Saz. Well written and funny...doesn't work for coffee in Marcari's I suspect.

    verification word is: xysockew

  10. How romantic ♥♥♥

    I do my shopping on Tescos online (it saves on the meltdowns) and a few weeks ago they dropped my shopping off and gave me the receipt. I looked at the receipt and thought 'it's not usually that much!'. Looked through and they had charged me £60 for one packet of Tescos value Jaffa Cakes! :D

  11. No...I've checked this out and evidently he's covered by their fair useage policy. Evidently you've had your fairshare from him. In any case, they replace like with like, so you'd end up with another Mr Bah Humbug.

    However, if he was actually broken that would be different. Now I live just up from the East slip me a "pony" and I'll see what I can do...

  12. Yes, the law is that the retailer is liable to you and then they take it up with the manufacturer. You don't even have to have the original packaging, like they try to tell you.

    Tesco have just refunded me for my digital recorder no questions asked, as it has broken 11 months after I bought it. I would definitely buy from Tesco again. Except for my latest post........

  13. Well I don't think they'll have him now it must be way past the exchange period!

    (I was going to say perhaps he's past his sell by date but I thought it might be rude)!!

  14. Our local Tesco is the size of Terminal 5 at Heathrow. I avoid it and shop at the little Waitrose in the town center. Not sure if they'd take back merchandise that was so out of date, however. ;)

  15. I am sure Tesco would not only take you HB back, but supply you with a newer model! *giggle*

  16. Hi..there is still an award for waiting for you over at my site...

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