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Tag Seven - just a number?

In keeping with my belief that things have  away of swinging your way at opportune times, this arrived from Dear Suburbia, who has awarded me this lovely 'The One Sweet Blog' award and it comes with a tag for a meme - a '7's meme. I have had a bad head since 2am Saturday morning apart from a few hours respite yesterday afternoon in the garden whilst pruning the naked bushes, I haven't spent any productive time this weekend. So showered, relaxed and for the moment free from pain, I will try this meme. 

So here we go:

7 Things I plan to do before I die:

Be happy

Live in the moment more

See my kids happy & healthy

Travel more

Open my own Vintage clothing store or book shop ( I know its a non starter by I am a dreamer!)

Live a while in France/Italy

Go back to Art College

7 Things I do now:

Blog/Internet too much

Moan too much

All round work too much 

Worry too much

Sigh too much

Waste too much time

Am not reflective enough and so not grateful enough (although innately I am )

7 Things I can't do:


Be patient

Do as I'm told

Cook, write, paint like my Mum

Stop being afraid

Stop eating chocolate

Keep the house/kids/husband/dog/rabbit/garden/car/work colleagues in working order/tidy/well mannered/and just say yes to me once in a while!

7 Things that attract me in the opposite sex: 

Great sense of humour, sounds trite but without it, well sorry!!

Great smile


Open mind and big heart

Great with kids, pets, parents

Good flexible appetite

Good fitting jeans (you know what I mean!)

7 Things I say most often (to the children, so most are rhetorical!)

Aren't you going to wear a coat/scarf/gloves/longer skirt/something to cover your bum/tummy/boobs/neck/face?

Have you enough money? (well DUH stupid!)

What time will you be home by? (and so I add on 45 minutes before I phone them) 

Have you had enough/something to eat/drink?

I don't care, she/he isn't my son/daughter!

I'm fifty, I'm allowed!

May I have the remote/my mascara/varnish remover/ tweezers/hairbrush/dryer/straighteners/tights/bathroom/ my life back now!(and that's just my son!)

7 Celebrities that I admire:
Well, if you don't mind I will just consider 'celebrity' means people I admire, the term 'celebrity' is now too generic and diluted to 'mean' anyone worthy. Sorry I'm ranting!

Brian Sewell, art critic - so funny! And often right, when given to explain!
Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer - kooky, glamorous, individual
Tracey Emin, Contemporary artist - misunderstood, intelligent, funny, creative, survivor
Alice Sebold, writer - survivor, inspirational, read her books & autobiography and you'll understand why.(lucky, Lovely Bones, Almost Moon)
James Frey, writer - recovering alcoholic, addict, survivor, inspirational, read his memoirs and you'll understand why, ignore the hype, the accusations it goes with the story.
Amy Winehouse, singer, song writer - I LOVE her voice & her music & lyrics, they move me. I hope the writing isn't on the wall.
Nelson Mandela - need I say more!

7 Favourite foods: (in any order)
Raspberry Pavlova/ Eton Mess
Steak au Poivre (medium rare)
Chicke Tikka Masala
Steamed Salmon flllet
Chocolate (will eat any but LOVE Galaxy)
Traditional Christmas Dinner
Anything my mum cooks 4 me!

7 Bloggers who l'd like to do this but nobody really needs to do this, but I'd like to pass the award to you anyway and so would be interested in the answers from:
BS5 'cos he has good sense of humour and may not mind being a token Domestic Goddess for a day!
Moannie, if she fancies and Family Affairs and Hadriana if she has finished with her accounts yet!
Working mum on the verge though now its the end of half term she won't have a moment to herself again, Suldog and Sass - One strangely lush mother


  1. Interesting lists. I think you should go for that vintage clothing store - it isn't a non-starter!

    Suzy Soo has also tagged me with this one, but I don't think I'll have time, as you so rightly pointed out. November is the worst time of the year for me at work; I may hibernate for a while.

  2. So sorry you've been feeling headachey, it's not nice at all.

    I loved your answers, much better than mine which I sort of forced out last night (and it took me ages) but I have to say I wasn't inspired when I did it!

    I'm with working mum, go for the store. And I'd like to pinch your idea of going back to art collage, can I come too?!!

    Hope your week is pain free

    Sub x

  3. I love Amy Winehouse's music, too. I really hope that she'll accept some help, because that would be another tragic loss to music, wouldn't it?

    Congrats on the award - Peace - D

  4. Thank you! Will do.

    Crikey, you've got some lunatics on your 7 celebs list! Brian Sewell and Vivienne Westwood? Right at the top of the 'whack' list if I am sworn in to power!

  5. Crikey Sazzie! What a great post [right up your alley lists, eh?]
    I might give it a go, but no rush,right?
    So sorry you are feeling awful at the moment, please go back to the docs and get checked over.
    Nothing is impossible until you take your last breath, girl. You deserve to have your dream.
    Tracey Emin and about the Emperors new clothes! But as the French would say Chacun son gout.

  6. Your son steals your mascara and nail varnish? Can we have photos? Is he cute like Jared Leto?

    I'm making Eton mess for X-mas dinner's pudding. Screw fruit cake for a bag of nuts.

  7. Hi FFF, Yes I have finished my accounts and yes, we must go for a coffee some time soon? E-mail me or text me and we'll get something sorted out? Agree with nearly everything you've said! I've just been tagged by The Dotterel so I'll have a think and do yours v. soon! Hope the headache has gone...Hxx

  8. Great list .. I wanna own a shop too someday .. sigh

  9. You'll have to visit the vintage clothing shop in Whitstable when you are next in the area... all in the name of research of course.

    So - you tagged me. Thank you. I'd better get cracking.

  10. I really enjoyed reading your answers... It's funny how these memes end up giving you a little picture of someone, isn't it?

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