Thursday, 6 November 2008


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Today's brooding sky hovered above us down the motorway...

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A regular away day I thought,
 as three colleagues and I set off from 
Carlisle to Preston in our hire car.
We had been asked to attend a training day,
'Getting to know you- Understanding our visitors and developing audiences'
this was being held at the Lancashire  Conservation Centre, Preston.

The course was  seemingly pitched at marketing managers & assistants and I thought it  
would not be of practical use to me  in my role at  front of house.
 However,  I was interested and it may offer me  some
 tips that may benefit my online business. 

The weather was overcast and brooding,
the traffic appeared fine.

We missed junction 31  ( Stewart is emphatic  its no longer there) and so we arrived just as they were  starting.
The Centre is in an inspiring and spectacular Grade II listed Victorian Church, (St. Mary's, 1836-1996)  which to our surprise and delight held some wonderful original features.  Which were sympathetically preserved within the renovation and strict controlled environments of
 the  now Conservation Centre.

Upon arrival in the car park I noticed two tree photo opportunities and I like how they turned out!

The Centre with the imposing Mill chimney over the road

 (which we were told later is the busiest road in the red light area!)

This is the room we were in for the day with a partial view of some old windows... 
an unknown hint of things to come!
We broke for lunch and adjourned to the top floor and found a sculptural relief of The Three Graces by Bertel Thorvaldson  propped up in the luncheon room.
 As well as several stained glass windows on view behind protective glass.

The Three Graces by Bertel Thorvaldson 
 (very fuzzy sorry)

some original features
We were taken on a tour of the centre. For me this was an unreserved pleasure. I saw textiles, costume, paintings, sculptures and wild animals being preserved and restored. It was as marvellous as it was an unexpected addition to the day.

The old window in the new kitchen

The old window in the new ladies loos
The early Victorian Church, soars Gothic like in the fading light as we left.  Sorry about the angles ... I only had the phone camera with me again, is that David tutting?

Verity with  a large object in the garden, Verity is on the right! 

Does anyone know what it is? We don't! A stove perhaps?

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  1. I love the name of your blog
    You have some wonderful shots as well.
    I think the question about the bottom photo might have been used by the nuns..LOL I went to a catholic school as a child they can be mean lol again just kidding.

  2. Don't you just hate it when someone steels a motorway junction?!

  3. Lovely photos Sazzie, imagine what you could do with a camera.

    Strange object could be where the grave digger kept his spade.

  4. When you find out what the object is let me know I am very curious

  5. My first thought was a mini crematorium - oh I AM creepy! lol Lovely photos, even if only taken on a phone! I'm sure David will forgive!

  6. Nice photos! Very interesting.

  7. Love the brooding sky and the second photo of that tree is very spooky. Great photos.


  8. Definitely my tuting! I know what the object is - a misplaced coal scuttle.

  9. I love the stained glass. There is something about it that makes me believe I'll see plenty of it in heaven.

    Peace - D
    (p.s. - I miss you over at my blog!)

  10. Hi Saz, I tried to e-mail you this am. but it bounced. If you feel like it e-mail me at mine (address on profile) for glass half full chats!!!

  11. So many lovely pictures - I just can't pick my favorite...

  12. The stained glass is lovely. And The Three Graces look just a bit too chummy, if you know what I mean ;-)

  13. Wonderful Skywatch and Photostory! I really enjoyed reading it, and looking at some great shots of your day! It looks like an amazing place to visit!

  14. oh- I adore stained glass windows - I have a bunch from old homes all over my house!

  15. These are all great ...


  16. I love that with PSF I can take mini trips every week. These pictures are completely amazing!

  17. The name of your blog cracked me up!

    Great PSF!

  18. What a neat set of photos you chose to share along with the Sky Watch.

  19. Gorgeous pictures. I just love stained glass. So pretty.

  20. OKay I just had to come checkout your bog with that name and I find a fellow Brit! And a northerner at that!

    Great piccies and I wish I had a window that gorgeous in my loo!

  21. It looks like a great big thimble with a door on it.
    The architecture here is really neat.

  22. That is quite some photo essay! Love the old church and the painterly effect of the trees. The three graces are somehow well clothed in a little fuzzyness and your captures of light with the restrictions of being in a group and lack of proper equipment are astonishing.

  23. I have enjoyed you sky watch post and selection of photos. THat last picture looks like one of those portable loos one sees at construction sites - an early version :)

  24. Love the blog - reckon the object could be relic from WW2 - shelter for an air raid warden perhaps?

    Great to find fellow UK bloggers.

  25. Hola:

    Acabo de ver tu blog.

    Espero que visites mis blogs, son fotos de mi pueblo, de España y de Italia y Francia:

    donde encontrarás los enlaces de todos los blogs.


  26. How cool are those shots. I love the sky, the trees, the windows, the architecture.

  27. These are lovely, really lovely. Thanks!

  28. Thank you so much for adding yourself as a follower of my blog. Your title fits me pretty well.LOL..Great SW post and thank you, I am so hopeful that Obama will get us back on track. The last 8 years have been so horrible..


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