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Congratulations America, you are truly the BRAVE and the FREE!! I'm so impressed with how the night went, my kids were awake watching all night online streaming ... McCain made a proud & strong speech, though I was surprised that some booed and heckled when he congratulated Obama. Seeing Jessie Jackson in tears pushed me over... A truly historical day has dawned.....Change, a breath of fresh air and a new beginning, I'm so excited for you all!


  1. it did go well. in the hecklers defense it is hard to work and want something so much and lose. hopefully now that it is done and mccain was so gracious everyone will be on board.

  2. Same feelings here. Am really pleased for America

  3. Spot on - watched it all too and totally agree with your take; McCain had humility and decency but bring it on Barack O!

  4. I was going to do this but you've done it better.
    Pop and I tried to stay up for what I was sure was going to be a truly historic moment for America, well for everyone, but could'nt make it.

    Now it is possible to believe that anyone can become President and hopefully will inspire the youth, black or white, to pull their pants up and be proud.

    Lovely message Sazzie

  5. Yeah, well said! And what a perfect acceptance speech.

  6. We're pretty excited, too, and I'm so exhausted today! I almost called in sick. My head hurts, my muscles ache, and I can't seem to wipe this silly grin off my face...

    Peace - D

  7. You should have heard all the celebrating around here at about 8PM after the polls had closed...

  8. Wonderful that Obama will be the new President. He is great! We are all glad in Holland!

  9. It did go well, didn't it! Thank you for your congrats!!! We truly need a lot of changes here.

  10. Well, if McCain and Palin had not spent so much of their time on the stump kicking sand and slinging lies about Obama and his 'friends' and his anti American leanings and his socialism and - insert your own negative remark here, I am sure they hit on it at some point - well if that hadnt happened McCain's supporters wouldnt have been so crass, rude and such poor sports.

    At Obama's speech when he brought up McCain's name NO ONE BOOed, they actually cheered ...

    You reap what you sow .. and since the Republicans sowed nothing but negativity ...


  11. Amen, amen, amen! It was a happy night last night. Delightful. It was a wonderful thing to stand in line with so many early in the a.m. out of the shared belief that the system is worth something, whatever way we leaned.

  12. Yes, McCain's speech was gracious and heartfelt and it's too bad a few booed. I was never for Obama for many reasons but I now put aside my feelings and pray that he will truly be able to unite America and the world to bring dignity and reason to our futures. Canadians did not have a vote yesterday, but they do have a stake in this new administration.

  13. Yep, a Canadian crying in the bathroom this morning while applying make-up. (Hard to put eye make-up on while crying.) Tears of relief!

  14. It is certainly a moment in history to be proud of. He looks and behaves very statesmanlike. I immediately felt confident when I saw his winning speech. This man is so charismatic and with a great caring pedigree. I look forward to seeing his progress.

  15. I agree with you, well done America!

  16. I stick to the meaning of Obama's first name in Arabic: blessed, breath of life, charismatic. It's all there and more so. I agree with what you've said so well Saz! Hx

  17. Then you havent seen the TOMBSTONE going around in emails?

    It reads:

    BORN: JULY 4, 1776
    DIED: NOVEMBER 4, 2008

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