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Bah Humbug...

I haven't really taken much notice of the Christmas displays and 
 decorations in the shops until today.  I met with my good friend and  fellow southerner ( see Stroppy  southern strumpets),  and 'chief cheerer upper' Lynn, for an early lunch, some good chat, much supportive, 'Oh I know!'s  and 'No! Really!'s  from both of us. After a glass of house red, when we stumbled, quite literally in my case, across two aisle fulls (eye fulls) of glitz, glitter and  much festive ho ho ho  arrays of  festooned garlands, cards, wrap and anything and everything you don't want or need, to make your day special or not.
Indeed I bought some suitable stocking fillers, a couple of  'commercial' Advent calenders,  I just cannot find any 'real' ones anymore, and well hey they do have chocolate in them after all, and other gifts to add to the now overflowing area at the top of  our wardrobe. ( Yes I am almost done!)
We spent  a wonderfully relaxing afternoon actually, finishing it off with the
 'must do' trip around TK Maxx, followed by a warm the cockles latte. We parted and I walked home warmed  more by the friendship and sisterhood, from which I get to feel like me for a unpressurised, stress free couple of hours. 
The reason I call this post Bah humbug is, by the time I got my coat off and settled in on the couch to catch up with the family, I became acutely aware of an atmosphere brewing.  I ignored the warning of the snarling tummy and ploughed on, gave the kids the warm seasonal gloves l'd found them and told them I had bought their advents. The excitement was telling in their voices and as they began to chat, speculate and talk generally about the christmas period, as only teenagers can ... my daughter gets almost sick with excitement, my son too but less so he is more contained. 
A whiff of humbug pervaded the room and I don't mean the classic mint  flavour. 
Oh dear I thought no, don't start please.
 But Mr Grumpy began his furtive murmurings and said he could well do without it, we had done it to death and we should get far away or even better cancel it. I protested - unsurprisingly for those who know me, I never know when to shut up - All I want is to be in our home, with the family and dog and have a quiet relaxing day. But apparently I don't do relaxing on the day and everyone walks around on eggshells. I can smell the egg rot! I do Christmas well, Mr Grumpy doesn't. I wondered if this was for effect, as this comes every year just like Christmas, it happens. The kids love it and although a few weeks ago they said they would have a curry for Christmas day in deference to Mr G wanting a change, I thought to postpone the turkey to Boxing day, after all I've had my way for over 30 years, now they tell me as we get nearer they want the traditional day and so said all of us! (well three of us).
 Even though the kids are now 16 and 14 they ARE still kids.
Yes I agree its all commercial twaddle out there and uber overkill with parents apparently going seriously into hock for  zillions of gifts and ££ presents, that IS the wrong message. 
 We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in this country, though I have experienced it when I lived in the states and it is the spirit, the essence of  that time which I try and emulate. I have created traditions for our festive period. We read story books, light candles, share our thanks in our togetherness.
Apparently I have to drag My G into the Christmas period scratching and clawing all the way. I did suggest he went and stayed with his mother who does Garbo every year. Oh dear watch this space, I don't have a good feeling about this...

A contender for post of the day at Authorblog, thanks again for the mention David!


  1. Guess what my new friend?

    I have 25 trees in my home for Christmas! LOL

    and you are invited over the the big pond this year!!!

    Ho Ho HO!!

  2. Sounds familliar! Husband is Grinch like from just about now until boxing day. It is a total uphill struggle and I'm seriously wondering if this will be the last one I can muster with him! (might post a 'bah humbug' myself soon!!)

  3. The Australian shops have had Christmas stuff for the past five weeks!!

  4. After 34 years of marriage and dealing with all kinds of family angst with in-laws - both sides - and all, I really don't look forward to Christmas much any more, outside of seeing the grandbabies enjoy it. Trying to get to the point LAST year where we spent Christmas day as just OUR family was filled with all kinds of drama and guilt being put on us. But we persevered and had the best Christmas EVER! We do everything so simply, spending it at our son's house. My d-i-l supplies the hot food, I supply the cold. We open presents. Eat. Watch movies. It's the best.

  5. True, commercialism has Christmas by its balls, but there's no denying turkey and dressing and kids with floofy hats with pompoms. Come on! Drag 'im on in with the rest of us.

  6. They do say that Christmas is the season that precipitates divorce!!

  7. Well you know that pop has been a Grinch since time began, he said yesterday that he wanted Salmon this year until I reminded him of the year I cooked a Salmon that had 'gone over' and carried on insisting it was fine and eating it even though the smell was awful. But then he is the one who said 'no dogs' and is now besotted, and he is the one who won't let me take down the decorations until I'm ready to scream...who says I don't want a present and sulks if he thinks we listened. Democracy rules baby.

  8. Suburbia and Roserio- does that mean next year is gonna be worse...sigh!

    Moannie- well the original Mr Grinch - JP, who lately, with age, I suspect is letting his inner Mr Happy out!!

  9. I never feel like I do Christmas well enough. I never feel as though my home has reached its full festive potential! I love the holidays, but hubby? Not so much. He is the original Scrooge.

    Peace - D

  10. Well, you know how I feel about it, of course. Sad. So sad.

  11. You've reminded me that I haven't even begun any Christmas preparations or shopping. That's making me feel a bit grumpy myself. lol

    I'll come around, though. Maybe your Mr. Grumpy will too. ;-)

  12. I had to come over after I saw your fabulous profile pic in my followers group! I lurve TJ Maxx, too.

  13. Hey, a fun new face on my followers space! I'm afraid Christmas is taking me by surprise this year as I'm not yet ready nor in the mood! Shopping last week and hearing Christmas music was a shocker...better get in gear, though, as it is coming very soon!
    TJMaxx...a big favorite of mine! ;)

  14. After this weekend Christmas is looking better -I cook (Kieth Floyd style for those in the know)( brucie bonus is NO sprouts), Suzie and mother wash up and daughter and grandaughter are coming to'll be nice to see a young face on christmas morning!!

  15. I grew up with the grinch except he was Italian not green and he was bearded and fat. He hated any kind of holidays and he had 6 kids. My mother did the best she could bt the issue always ended up being money. although he did mellow a little with grandchildren. but he is still a scrooge.

  16. My hubby always makes fun of me putting the decorations up etc. and yet he ends up really getting into it. One of these years I'm not going to lift a finger and see what everyone says. Do they think the fairies do it all?

  17. Hmmm, since I see Suldog has already been here and knowing how he feels about Thanksgiving and Christmas -especially the shopping - I guess it's safe to say I have already purchased cards to mail out as well as a couple little things for the grandkids. I've been busy since mid-August though - on a massive embroidery kick -trying to make various things to give to my children for the holiday. It's an attempt to cut back in the shopping, giving gifts of myself to the kids, something that if they like it well enough, can remain with them long after I've left the scene. Well, that's my plan anyway. Whether it works or not, remains to be seen. Congrats to you too on the POTD today!

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