Tuesday, 14 October 2008

To cull or not to cull...

The brown parcel has arrived from DHL and I knew immediately it was the course books for my next Open University course An Introduction to Shakespeare. As I seemingly appear to have broken the backs of Philosophy, Haiku poetry and the History of Art, I thought it was time I got my head around the Bard.

Usually my heart soars when I receive the long awaited delivery, this time I admit it sank. I had already tried to postpone the start of this until the new year, but the OU were having none of it, as I had partially paid for this course with Tesco - gawdbless 'em- clubcard vouchers. It's a great offer, when Tesco send the statement with £vouchers, the OU quadruples their face value. Its very much appreciated and I thank them for returning a qui-tri-zillionth of their profits back to me, I really do. But If I had changed the date of the course the OU couldn't honour the vouchers. Sod that I wasn't gonna lose out.

So my question, to myself really is why do I put myself through this when I am juggling so many other things? Because l enjoy pressure? get high on stress ? or do I just love the feeling of isolation when I'm the moodiest person in the house and they either tread on egg shells around me or I withdraw to scowl and wither under the pressure to my room? Nah my problem is I just don't think of the bigger picture, should I? could I? would I? be able to complete this task within the parameters of my busy life? So ok, I don't practise what I preach, I tell the kids one thing for their own good and completely ignore the advice myself, when I know better!

I have 6 books to read for reviews by mid November for the Romantic Association Award thingy, and a review for the readers mag'. I have one more week of my Photoshop course. I haven't done my biz website justice since we moved home in Nov' 07 as I haven't added the stock I have bought for hopeful Christmas sales . My Etsy shop is lonely too and needs new stock. As I have only three shifts this week instead of the usual five, so I could in theory catch up a bit.

My husbands advice is to make a list and see what I can cull and then make a plan and stick to it. That's fine and dandy, but who has ever stuck to a plan with kids and a dog, a home and work. I'm not army trained and I haven't had to motivate, train and organise a team of 30+ staff for over 15 years, so where is my discipline? This isn't the same, it should be easier, it isn't, but perhaps the culling part would help!

Where to start... I guess by not taking on anything else. I seem to remember a post a while back when I muttered away about learning to say NO! Some hope.


  1. Hi love, thought you were at work.

    My only comment is that the Bard is a treat, and maybe something...but what? can go by the board/bard[geddit?]
    Read the books first, they are quite short actually, once you 'get' the rhythm, then read 'em again so that you are very familiar with them.

    The garden is closing down for the winter, the kids will help.

    Did you tweak my pic...? it looks much better.

  2. Like the great Bard (Mohammed 'Cassius' Clay' Shakespeare) said....

    'Floateth thee like a butterfly and sting most avowedly like a bee' , i.e make your list and cull a few things, it is clearly the way forward!

    Yours in scholarly tone

  3. Moanie- am home for three days, busy busy busy...the kids will help yeah right..lest you forget we three were teenagers once..help? LOL

    bs5- appreciate the scholarly tone!

  4. I'm glad I'm not you ;)!!!
    I do remember the feeling when the stuff comes through the door from the OU. I was always excited until I'd looked at the study callendar and then matched that to the home one!!

    You sound more than busy but I hope you'll still keep us posted. I would miss you otherwise :)
    Good Luck

  5. I, too, tend to bite off more than I can comfortably chew and then I whine about it ... however I do not like to be late in any way/with anything so then I hustle and try to rush ... ack .. so if you figure out how to get things right, please let me know .. in the meanwhile I can bring the cheese to have while we both whine!


  6. I feel your pain. I am one who always takes on too much, but the educational part of what I take on is always enjoyable and worth it.

    You can do it!

    Peace - D

  7. And I thought I was busy!

    Would these Tesco vouchers that you don't want to lose be the ones that didn't cost you anything in the first place (apart from about £4000 of shopping)?

    I'm exactly the same, I drag my family to La Tasca to use up our vouchers rather than lose them!

  8. Jezelpete's! Woman! Your plate hath runneth over and be spillin' in yer lap! There be nay nappies to clean 'er. Cull! Cull! For the love of god, cull!

  9. You can pay towards your OU course with Tesco vouchers????? You lucky old thing you. Spare a thought for me - an expat- who is having to fork out £1,456 for each course towards my OU Humanities degree. And I only get phone tutorials!!!!!

    Seriously though, enjoy your next course.


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