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There may be trouble ahead!

I haven't read many references to the current financial global crisis in blog land. Methinks  perhaps this isn't the place, its where we feel safe, away from harms way, our nest of comfort, where we are taken on vicarious adventures through (authorblog - Yukon) and (the view from this End - Mexico & Canada)  and we find like minded pals to chat with away from from our real lives and worlds.

But  I admitto being  a bit worried and not just a bit afraid, not to mention confused and utterly out of my depth. I find myself switching on the news and delving into the money pages, because I DO want to understand something,  anything about this. We wittingly put our trust in banks and to a certain extent our governments and we simple everyday folk are endanger of getting seriously burned. I'm seriously considering taking out my little stash of cash from my ISA and burying it in the garden, like what my Dad always told mewas the sensible and Napoleonic thing to do! LOL ...  at least it would be safe! But then would I be guilty of panicking and making matters worse? What to do and who to believe?

IF each person in the UK has been represented by 'giving' £1-2K to to shore up the banks and we are told we are  now shareholders in a semi-nationalised banking system, are we to understand that the returns they are mooting around, will be sent in the form of  a cheque to our home addresses .. . or stashed back into the 
government coffers in our  names, 'A TAXPAYER'...  er don't think so! Can Hadriana shine more light on this?

Laugh it makes you want to cry! I worry that  the fabric of our lives may well change because of this ... and would it be that bad actually, for less easy access credit, cheaper housing, less fat-cats benefiting from the profits of the utilities and services the public need on a day to day basis.  

I have this awful niggley feeling that there is more to come and  if this is what they are telling us, the cynic in me tells me it may be FAR worse..


  1. I've got my head firmly in the sand!! Can't do anything about it so what will be will be! (Is that bad of me?!)
    Love the fat cat pic!

  2. FFF don't panic! There have been lots of crashes but we have always survived. As my granda said...we have been through much worse. The govt. (despite having largely created the mess) are doing their best to prop it all up. The hard part is that we will be paying our way out for this for a long time to come. As someone on the radio pointed out...that it would be far worse for you to put your ISA in the back garden...inflation will make your savings tiny (unless you convert them into gold that is!)

    Perhaps it is time for a return to "The Good Life" value? I certainly hope so.

  3. Sorry...they weren't talking about you on the radio... Just "us" in general! Hx

  4. Living on a pension, as we do now, I am quite scared by all this news. I am also worried because our mortgage comes to fruition next year but we had one of those awful endowment thingymebobs, so there may be a shortfall to pay the mortgage off if interest rates continue to plunge

  5. What I cannot get my head around is 'Where has all the money gone?' How can so many country's banks fail? And why are the bright sparks who got ridiculously rich using our cash to gamble with, still smirking as they drive off in their Porches to their detached million pound homes in Toff-ville.

    Why were the powers that be allowed to gamble with pension funds: surely the money that hardworking Joes have paid in, should be protected by law and not used to make huge profits for the banks.

    But I still want to know, if the banks don't have or money...who has? And where is the large loan coming from? From a money pit in China, Saudi Arabia? When every pound or dollar or Yen was back up with gold, I understood the monetary system. Now I am lost, and I suspect 'they' prefer it that way.

  6. The best thing you can do, honestly, is to just keep doing what you're already doing. There have been lots of ups and downs in your economy and ours, and it's better to be an ostrich than a Chicken Little right now. :-)

    Peace - D

  7. Well, that certainly is quite a fat cat!

    I'm not worried, but that's because I hardly had any money to begin with. Truly, though, all of history has had cycles of ups and downs financially. It may get tough, but it will bounce back. Keep your money where it is - not in your garden - and try not to worry too much. Just my two cents (worth about 1.25 cents now, but...)

  8. I was initially going: LA LA LA LA... and then that first quarterly statement for my retirement arrived .. I cant not look .. I am the sort who reads the end of the book, who reads spoilers for Lost and my fav soaps ... so of course I looked .. and then when I was able to breathe again I started going LA LA LA LA ... aaaaaaaaaaaa

    Best thing to do now is nothing ... let it play out .. wait for the markets to get back on their 'feet' and try not to worry ... or go LA LA LA LA


  9. Don't panic! Now is the time to buy, buy, buy. I've just opened a new ISA! Also, my Tesco shares are still doing well, funny that!


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