Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Piles of smack, because I'm worth it!

Over the last week or so I've been a little concerned - not just about losing things-  as my vision has been a little blurred by the middle of the afternoon.  I've been thinking that perhaps it was adjusting to my new varifocals.  I've had new frames and they are deeper than the current narrow specs in vogue, so my vision should be more balanced, but  for the sudden blurriness they have been very comfortable.

Both today and yesterday Ive also noticed that my eyes have taken on the Panda effect. My kohl eyeliner has seeped to the under part of my eyes, making my saggy bags look much more prominent looking like I've just had a good cry! Not the look I was going for at all. I have taken a little more care applying some smack in the mornings ( oops by that I mean SLAP! LOL - the only things I'm addicted to is chocolate and my kids!) 

As the new specs have a non-reflective coating, the benefit is that I have not had any 
trouble with the glare from the 47 halogen type lights  beaming into my eyes at our Reception desk at work. The downside is that my eyes are now visible and I've tried to apply the  aforementioned SMACK/SLAP with more care. I have a sallow complexion so I do have dark circles under my eyes compounded by the crinkly wrinklies which I swear appeared around my 47th birthday! 

I'm telling you all this and I apologise if it is very tedious, shallow and so far lacking in its point, but what I'm breaking to you gently is, that in my enthusiasm to masque my flaws by grouting and filling, I made one small but very vital error, I think I used too much. 

WHAT went wrong?   Well, my wrinkle cream whilst successfully tightening and smoothing out the skin under my eyes, during the course of the day it all well ... melted! Yes my smack/slap melted and it upped and ran under  and very  crucially into my eyes, causing the vision to be blurred. 

WHY and  HOW?  Well, I applied too much of this greasy magic lotion, in fact you could say I piled it on. I did this purposefully as this product is reknowed to shrink and soothe.

Its name ...?

Preparation H.  Less is more FFF, next time I shall use it in miniscule quantity!

I really NEED to find those bloody sunglasses....


  1. Laughing!!

    You know this post will get loads of hits because of the title!!

  2. NO! Don't change the name! It's a great post :) I didn't know how to get all the search info until BS5 showed me how!! He'll show you if you ask I'm sure :) It's easy. I only looked at mine this am and the top searches were leopard skin undies/ shock horror/ and Duracell bunny toy :0 !

    Take care x

  3. Really love that illustration! I can only feel your frustration.

    JS xxx

  4. Hilarious!!!

    It's funny you should bring this up. I've dragged out the eye cream and face cream lately. I'm putting it on day and night to try to stave off the avalanche of sagging that's going on in the mirror. Strange how my next birthday will be #47! Coincidence? I think not!

    Peace - D

  5. I might now have the stats thing sorted but am hopeless with capital letters!! Please explain ROFL?!! (or is it secret code for your dealer?!!)

  6. Very funny, and oh boy does it sting!

    It works though. My mistake was spraying a little scent on my finger before dabbing under eyes as I did not want to smell of Prep H, hav'nt used it since.

  7. Hmmmmmm. Preparation H, eh? I'll have to try that sometime. I have bags under my eyes that (to steal a line from Fred Allen) make me appear like a butcher peering over the top of two pounds of liver.

  8. Oh my! I got cold sore cream in my eye the other day. that hurt.

    I thought I wanted some of that cream Andie Macdowell uses on her imaginary wrinkles. It looked as if it were just what i needed. Then I found out I am already using it.

  9. For Suburbia ROFL I think is Rolling on Floor Laughing. (POS is Parent Over Shoulder if you ever see that.)
    Anyhoo - that cartoon is hilarious. I have never dared use the Prep H. I am so allergic to skin stuff it would probably blow the side of my head off. What I do need however, is something that will remove the pillow crease mark from my face in under 30 minutes of a morning.
    There's a test you can do on the back of your hand to see how well you're ageing. Pull the skin and watch it go back into place (or not). The face equivalent is how deep the pillow crease is and how long it takes to go away.

  10. FFF you look fabulous at all times! Can't wait to see your new specs! Will be in touch soon probably after half term. Hx

  11. You put Preparation H round your eyes?? Are you getting confused? I can't help but wonder where you put your eyeshadow and mascara.

  12. Mean mom! - LOL taht was truly funny...

    Hadriana - have good half term?! meet for coffee perhaps?bet you ar epleased the bloody accounts are done.

  13. Laughing...laughing...laughing...and heading to the bathroom to try out the Preparation H...I have my own new specs...occasionally get a Clark Kent vibe from them...


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