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Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

A few months ago my husband surprised me by agreeing to accompany me
 to my first Classical concert at The Sage, Gateshead
An evening of music including Elgar's Enigma variations 
and my very favourite classical piece 
Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No1. 
Performed by St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, reputedly the best!?

The tickets have sat on the mantelpiece since they arrived. 
I rearranged my working week and then on Monday 
my husband contracted a nasty virus and he couldn't take me.

Surprisingly however my 16 yr old daughter offered to go with me, 
she seemed very genuine in her offer. 
I prevaricated a while considering the weather, 
the roadworks,  the drive (again as we were there Friday see post).
With excitement gathering for both of us, we got ready, 
filled the car with petrol, 
at which inopportune time I realised I had left my debit card in Tk maxx 's machine,
undaunted I paid cash and we were on our way.
We made great time and daughter was  whizz  at navigating. We arrived and parked.

We were both agog at the beauty of the building before us...

this is a online pic as it was by now dark and I only
 had my phone/camera, 
so sorry if this is cheating but I do have other pics.

Inside the 'foyer' I attempted to take pics,
 most were a bit fuzzy, 
but I hope you can see something of the fab design.
The hall was lovely and had a personal feel, it didn't feel huge. 
The design I'm sure lent to this impression.

The ceiling looked to me rather like piano keys, very apt I thought!

And this is teh first photo  I took, which I think sums up my excitement. 
My daughter told me I was actually shaking as we walked  across to The Sage.

The concert was awesome and a tad overwhelming hearing the music for real!
My throat and chest went tight and my heart pounded, I thought for a moment I might cry.
 Moannie told me it would feel like that.
 I had no idea! We were both blown away.

 Another memory created!

And daughter of mine,  thanks for coming with me,
 I'm thrilled you loved it too,  you continue to amaze, surprise and impress me,
and even if you were the youngest there by nearly 40 years... ROCK!!

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


  1. So glad you both enjoyed it. I knew you would. There is nothing like the experience of hearing live music, played by a world class orchestra.

  2. What an incredible and amazing building. And what a wonderful night out.

    You put me to shame. Haven't been to a classical evening for a long time.

    For Gods sake tho', get your card back. I went to pay for something in Octupus by debit card and found someone's card there in the machine. It had apparently been there all day.


  3. you were soo right! I've had more than my share of popular concerts, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Macca, Rea, Michael Jackson, the Who...and more...I could so easy easily have not gone when D couldn't go...but this was really special on sooo many levels!

  4. I don't go at all regularly but when I do, the music really gets to me. It may be a couple of hundred years old, but they sure knew how to write music then!! The concert hall looks great and, yes, I saw piano keys when I saw the ceiling.

  5. Ooh, homesick. homesick, homesick. (Not having a great morning for some reason.) The Sage wasn't there when I was growing up, and altho' I amble along the Quayside with the kids every summer, I've never been inside. MUST go next summer, it looks amazing. Thanks.

    PS. We have a building here in Chicago that looks like a smooth version of the Sage. Must post about it.

  6. That sounds fabby. The place looks amazing both outside and in. I like your wobbly pic too. As you say, another great memory :)

  7. Wow!! yes that does look like piano keys!!

    I'm so jealous! I'm glad you got to go!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time! There's just nothing like hearing live music. And what a wonderful night to share with your daughter!

    Since I didn't generate the PSF code this week I can't fix your first link, but I'll e-mail MG and let her know (usually she fixes things before I can push send).:)

  9. It was really interesting to see how you constructed this post in the manner of a poem or song, how exciting! the cadence really worked and I felt as if I was listening to music as I read it. Very clever FFF, much love! MH

  10. WOW. I am really impressed. You have and amazing attitude to accept that your card is left somewhere and still managed to enjoy the evening so much.
    I loved the pictures!

  11. What a wonderful memory. Your pictures really brought the story to life.

  12. Glad you had a wonderful night out with your daughter. It looks amazing!!

    And I am loving the piano keys ceiling!! Totally what I thought too!

    Happy PSF!

  13. Fabulous! What a cool building and a great post.

  14. It is so nice to read about something new. You did make a wonderful memory for your daughter and the real gift was the one she gave have this experience with you!!

  15. What an amazing building! So nice that you got to go with your daughter. Fun, too, I'll bet.

  16. What a cool looking building! I would love to go and see it.

  17. That is some amazing architecture. It's sounds like an amazing night.

  18. WOW. WOW. WOW. That is some amazing architecture, what an awesome experience!

  19. I'm envious. I've been to the orchestra 2 or 3 times (all while I was in high school) but oh how I love it. What a gorgeous hall. I love the piano key ceiling. I'm glad you had a great time.

  20. Wow! That sounds like an amazing time and how awesome that your daughter could share it with you.

  21. Wow, what an incredible place and a wonderful evening! Amazing!

    My PSF is Here.

  22. I LOVE it! I want to go.
    Fantastic photos.

  23. Wow, that building is amazing..
    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.. I am glad you guys had a good time..

  24. sounds like an absolutely lovely evening. and the ceiling really does look like a piano...from you pics. That must have been spectacular!

  25. Oh how wonderful for the two of you to share in that excitment. It looks beautiful there.

  26. wow... beautiful photos. what a special night for the two of you. i find that those types of moments usually do happen by accident.

  27. Sounds like a wonderful experience. I have to agree that the ceiling does look like piano keys! Very interesting building! Great phone shots!

  28. Your pictures are awesome and the building was beautiful I bet in person it was just breath taking. I am glad you and daughter had a wonderful time.

  29. It sounds like a wonderful time! The building is beautiful, and you did well with your phone camera!

  30. GREAT PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!

    (and your profile pic is awesome)


  31. The building looks incredible!! Sounds like the anticipation was well worth it. A wonderful way to enjoy an evening with your daughter...

  32. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and leave such nice comments on my blog! I enjoyed my visit here as well. That concert hall was spectacular!

  33. Wonderful roof .... My eyes were drawn there immediately.

  34. That is a beautiful building. The inside is quite reminiscent of the Bridgewater Hall. Now you've made me want to sing at the Sage - do they have a resident choir?

    Glad you and your daughter enjoyed it. There is nothing like the experience of hearing music live; we're taking daughter to the Halle again this Christmas in the hope of awakening an interest in classical music in her.

  35. Fabulous post. I know exactly what you mean about being overwhelmed by the beauty of the music, making your throat and chest swell and wanting to cry. Very powerful.
    What an astounding building - who was the architect?
    If the Australian Chamber Orchestra are ever in your neck of the woods, do go and see them — they'll knock your socks off!


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