Friday, 24 October 2008


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I'm really late with this one, but hope you enjoy it.
Today has been kept clear as an Attic day
This means that all housework is pretty much up to date (?)
dog walked, kids at school, just me at home on a day off from my day job.
Since 2002 my passion for vintage fashion became official
when I opened my vintage clothing website.

Its been a blast to indulge this passion, making the leap from  a hobby into a small business.
I don't invest as much time as I would like, wearing so many hats and since moving home from large rural farmhouse, to urban bungalow bill city dweller. So space and time is at a premium. Most of the stock has been packed up and I haven't done the site justice this year at all.

With the glitzy party season twinkling its bright lights on our doorsteps,
I have been buying new stock over the summer 
and secreting it in all places around the house.
Today was the day I could bring these treasures 
out and I have taken pics of some of the Attic day.

9am - so what have I bought, a real mix!

9.30 - a few tools of the trade

10.30 - getting some good images (a 1980's stunner)

11.00 - it's in the detail (1930's)

11.30 coffee & snack

noon- my current work area/dressing table/laptop

2pm-4pm -weather dried up, so I trimmed garden hedges for two hours 

4pm - s**t kids home already?

5pm -10pm - snatching time to edit/ upload /list on my websites - 
all very time consuming


Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


  1. You have certainly had a busy day! Hope you get some rest and fun over the weekend. :D

  2. I Wish Leslie, its back to work now 'til tuesday, my paid job at the museum......


  3. How fun is that!?! I'll have to go check it out!

  4. And it's all balanced and tightly packed like the perfumes on that tray. Don't know how you do it!

  5. What a great day - cute photo story

    I love days off so I can work ha ha

  6. wow, what a day! i can't wait to check out out your store!

  7. I always wanted an attic when I was a I REALLY want one!!


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