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I've got to write it down!

Ok, I confess I am an obsessive listmaker! My family physically and mentally flinch when they see me with a pen and paper in hand. 'OMG Mum's gonna make a list' one of them shouts as if by warning, and they all fall about laughing. I sometimes join in, but mostly I'm on a mission to write down the things on my mind, lest I forget so I'm a tad furtive getting it down. Because if I don't write it down actually, its a cert I will forget completely and it will be utterly gone from my mind!

This list making phenomena started when I was at school. I went to a Catholic convent school and, ok ! ok! get all the laughing, the banter and the gym slip jokes out of the way now... ! All but two of our teachers were nuns, most were Irish and all were catholic. Not of the worldly wise educator and nurture persuasion either and in a high school of only girls so a rather dull, mind numbing experience for a late 60's early 70's teeanager with boys on her mind. David Cassidy, David Soul, Johnny Hallyday, Slade, get my drift. You can imagine much of it I'm sure, strict and -we all thought - middle aged/ancient nuns.They were at our mercy in the Micky take stakes, but it was they who controlled our lives from the moment we walked in the door clad in our black velveteen hats, our navy Burberrys' and changed into our indoor, ribbed corduroy, spongy crepe soled lace up shoes.

The school didn't have a whiff of the nastiness, the unkind, cruel vindictive nuns depicted in some of Moannies blog posts, be assured if she had felt they were similar in any shape or form she would have taken me away, I hope.

I digress, a bad habit, more difficult than ciggies or nail biting to quit.

We would line up after friday lunchtime, outside the girls loos, where the stationary cupboard was situated for new rough books and other fine stationary. Our old books had to be presented for inspection and Sister Assumpta had to be convinced, that the previous rough book hadn't been wasted. No wasted blank spaces, only minor doodling. Doodling space
was usually on the front and back covers, inside and out and usually depicted drawing of David Essex, Slade and F.A. B. song lyrics. So the covers would be covered with brown paper and sticky backed plastic from Woolies on the top, to hide the graffitti, so we could remove them after Sr. Assumpta had approved them or not. Sticky backed plastic was definitely not cool or F.A. B. in 1972!

Lorraine, my best pal at school ( we are still in touch today) used to collect a hoard of books, so we could use them for lists and for the stories we would write for each other about each other, yeah and those had a bad ending, in as much Moannie found one, so that stopped pretty darn fast, she did not appreciate our fertile and still innocent imaginations.

But the lists were ok and they didn't and haven't as yet ever gotten me into any trouble. Just made me the butt of jokes around here. What would l make lists for or about? Well I guess if you have to ask then you have never felt the need! The lists in those early days were about what we would wear to the school disco. From colour of nail varnish, Outdoor girls Iced Magenta, to the colour and size of our tights or pop sox, American tan size Large. Even then I wore large tights, as I was 5'8" at 13 yrs old, so needed the width for the length if you get my drift. If you don't you must be a bloke and I won't explain, because I could find no way of using tanks or guns or machinery in my explanation, so you have permission to mentally switch off now if l'm boring you!

Other lists were to help with the planning of the school trips, not that we were involved in the arranging of these trips, but the contents of our lunch boxes and what these should/could contain, amount of pocket money, stationary, OMG always stationary, FAB pens, writing paper, to make more notes...

As I grew older, left home, worked, I would make shopping lists, lists of what to take in bag, on holiday the obvious ones too... moving bedsit then flat then house. When we married that required several notebooks, in various shades of pink and purple.

When I am at work these days, I daily remake the days list, shopping, kids requirements, bills to pay, what I MUST do after work. If I'm bored and there are no visitors, I sit and compose lists of blogs l may write ideas for them, or images I should look for, the list goes on and on......AWWWWWW !!!!!

Bloody hell reading this back isn't just obsessive, methinks it smacks of, well right in the forehead of OCD!! I'm writing a post, which in itself has a list of the types of list I make. I can't escape it and can't blame it on my age or hormones cos it's always been a funny habit! You laugh but what is your funny habit!?

So its getting late now so I should post this and get sorted for the morning and what do I need to do tomorrow, where is my pad?
A contender for post of the day at Authorblog, thanks again for the mention David!


  1. List-makers shall inherit the earth!

  2. I'm so pleased to read about another list-maker. I make lists of what I need to do each day or each week. I have a holiday pack-list on my PC so I just print it off when I need to go away. I have lists for shopping pinned to the fridge. Lists of where I have put things. I have lists of my lists!! Hello fellow-list-maker!!! Nice to meet you!!

  3. Actually, love, I don't know how you would get through all you do in a day, without lists.

    I've given up on list-making, I can never find 'em when I want them.

  4. Great memories of rough book covers. I did the same. In fact, you could have been talking about my school until you said "navy blue". Ours was bottle green.
    Anyway, I have learned the hard way that if I don't look at my list first thing every morning, one or all of things kids gets packed off to school minus the key item of the day. I'm sure it's better for mental agility etc. to try to remember a few things now and then, but it's a hard habit to break as you say.

  5. I am so with you on this! I make lists of lists! I have to confess though that I'm getting into post-it notes now, I love the different colours glaringly reminding me of what I have to do. :)

  6. I'd say list making is a genetic trait! I started writing lists in school, mostly under my desk, when I was bored out of my mind. The teachers hated that. One time a teacher thought he had finally caught me, confiscating my list, and triumphantly holding it up, then forcing me to read it aloud. Alas, the paper was full of syntactic analysis, vertical lists of sentences, analysed to the dot, which I loved to do! :-) Red-faced, under the laughter of my classmates, he ordered me to stand behind the blackboard for the rest of the morning (a common punishment back then, our religious instructor used to march into the classroom, and immediately sequester a couple students behind the board).

    We had to present our notebooks regularly too, to check our handwriting and general esthetics. They wanted to instill in us the art of wasting space beautifully. ;-)

    At the end of the year, we had to return our school books, but only if we had kept them in mint condition, otherwise our parents got the bill! It was always a great relief when they got accepted back.

    I shall never laugh about anybody who went to a Catholic convent school. During my late teenage years, as a student, I boarded with Catholic nuns, at a "Papal Institute" in Rome, and I cherish that time (less so back then, when I had to be in bed at 10pm or when we caught a nun polishing the sink with our towels *yikes*).

  7. I make lists, too... Mostly to help me organize, because organization does not come naturally to me but I'm basically in charge of getting people where they need to be when they need to be there with all the stuff need while they're there... So, yeah, lists help me do that.

    I've tagged you for a photo meme...

  8. Oh yes! A big listmaker here also...............then I make a list of my lists! LOL!

  9. I am very expert in having no funny habits. Pretty much hum drum and perfect. Yes, that is EXACTLY what my husband thinks. Yes, I'm perfect. (He's quite far away from me right now and has no means of recourse. Love this.)

  10. Ah yes...David Cassidy and all the others you mentioned...I remember them well. I go thru spurts as a list-maker. My problem is I forget the lists half the time, haha! I am especially bad this year, what with entering instant menopause after my 'Ladyland' was excavated. Two bouts of general anesthesia. My brain is fried, I'm telling you. I was doing pretty good, keeping a small pad of paper by my computer to write down blogging ideas thru the day but even that seems to have bit the dust. So I just sit and twitter away whatever comes in to my brain. At the end of my long days lately, not much!


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