Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ikea? My idea!

My son is a growing lad he's just 14 and is 5ft 10"  so far... but his room is small at only 9ft x 9ft and he is still growing. In our former rambling farmhouse home his room was much larger and he could get up and move around a bit when prodded, to avoid bone calcification or rigamortis,  following several hours a day sitting playing his guitars or  the Internet!

In our new home, a much smaller 3 bed bungalow, we have four tall people vying for room and space. We are overflowing into greenhouses and  garage  and may have miscalculated our needs. It isn't ideal but hey that's life.  

We do feel bad for our son though and I sat down to see what I could do for him to maximise his  space. Out came ruler, pencil, tape measure and graph paper. I then measured his room, bed,  desk, drawers etc and rearranged them in several drafts. Then I got out the various catalogues to see if I could put to best use any new mix of furniture. I found the ideal items and ran the idea various layout options past husband and son. Son seemed well pleased, husband seemed happy to pay up and agree if it  maximised sons space.

So after work/school on friday night, daughter, son & I had a cuppa and  snack and drove to Gateshead Ikea. Normally a 54 minute drive - for me that is, I do drive quite quickly! LOL- but there were traffic light stops and so it took 2 hours. made note. We roamed the now doubled sales floor area of Ikea, which was surprisingly quiet, obviously a good time to visit - made 2nd mental note. After sussing out everything we needed, we adjourned for a light supper and then trolled the warehouse aisles and collected the last in stock items we wanted- Mental note#3 phone next time to check stock holding.  We had the must do ice cream on the way out and as the kids take ages to eat the bloody things, I stacked the car luckily my Citroen Berlingo forte has loads of space in it. It was by now  gone 9pm. I was cream  crackered and drove home through very heavy rain- a white knuckle ride. We  got home for 10:15pm it had taken 5 hours door to door when it should've been only 3!

On Saturday morning, we all hovered around the boxes in the hall, my daughter had some errands to run in town and my husband( looked for a way out) went to visit his  mother. We expected he wuold be out most of the afternoon. We were right! We finished the shelving unit and workspace thingy at 5:10pm, in walked husband at 5.30pm. Job done. 10 hours in total.

So is Ikea value for money? Ikea Units £155, petrol £15,  meal £10, ice creams £1.20 + 10 hours work x 2? Mmmm...

It was lovely working with my son, I learnt that he is very thorough and faster than I at working through the illustrated  instructions. 

This morning I walked in to sons room with a cuppa and asked him why his room was covered with cat hairs and fur balls. He chortled from under the quilt .... at least now he can swing a cat if he wants to!!


  1. You must have felt a real sense of achievement once you got it all finished! :)

  2. I love Ikea but you did very well getting the stuff yourself AND assembling it with out getting into a terrible heated row about which part goes where. Also consider yourself lucky that there were no missing parts & that you didn't have to go back!
    I am wiser now!
    Anyway, hope tall son has a bit more leg room now and hope he doesn't need to swing the cats!

  3. That was a mammoth task! You did well to get it all done in that amount of time. Good thing that husband didn't help. It probably would have taken longer. ;0)

  4. That was fun! Fancy a sharp retailer like you not checking ahead on availability! Tut tut...

    What a nice homely post this was!

  5. You were brave!! I have to 'work up' to an Ikea trip and it's only just down the road from here!! I hate shopping there but the stuff is so useful. You didn't mention whether you bought candles and wrapping paper?! It always seems madatory to do so in Ikea;)
    So glad your son is good at self assembly. My H is hopeless so maybe I will be able to count on SS in the future, (his room is tiny too)
    Love the cay bit!!
    Have a great week
    Suburbia x

  6. I bet you feel good though, for a job well done. Hope you son is happy with it.

  7. Oh well done! Applause all round, for you for heading up the project, D. for staying out of the way, S, for. no doubt keeping you suplied with sustenance and P, for being a super Wiz.

    Cat, Saz? Nice touch.
    And congrats on POTD.

  8. Only you could make a loving task such as this, enchanting!! I love Ikea!!

  9. I love Ikea and I saw a couch that would be ideal in our small apartment .. if only Husband would paint... could you loan me your son?

    I didnt think so, but I had to ask.


  10. Thanks for following my blog. For some reason I've never been over here before. I love this post. My teenager turned 13 yesterday and is already 5'10". Should I be afraid?
    And I know that Ikea very well. Now we have one about 4o miles from Chicago which is just as well as it would now cost me a fortune to lug things over from Tyneside.


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