Monday, 6 October 2008

Ignorance is bliss...

... if this were 'my' story it would be my almost claim to fame but it isn't.  It is a family story, one of many very  interesting ones.   I'm sure Moannie will pop by later and put us right if my recollection of the event told and retold to me isn't accurate.

In the early 1950's my father JP, who is french and was living in Cannes,  was still in school and in his teens, he  delivered meat for a local  butcher. One day he delivered meat to a house and instead of the usual woman an old bald man answered the door, he took the delivery from  my father and told him to hang on a sec and he disappeared inside,  presumably to look out some coins as a tip. 
He soon returned with a scrap of paper which he wrote upon and mumbled,  'here you are' or something to that effect.
My father, balancing his bycycle walked away and looked at the scrap of paper.  It had on it a line drawing and a signature. My father thought, ' Miserable sod!' and scrumpled up the paper and threw it into the gutter.

The man was ............

Pablo Picasso...

dog by picasso

bull by picasso


  1. Stylish story! Maybe old Pablo had nipped in coz his porridge was getting cold!


  2. You are joking?!! OMG how amazing and awful all at the same time!! Almost as bad as sitting on a sculpture!

  3. daryl & suburbia

    it really is too painful isnt it to contemplate...the what ifs...'

    BS5 - LOL funny lines this late, l'm impressed...(btw I hate porridge its the work of the devil)

  4. Ahhhh! Great story. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Fame, fame and more fame!!Congratulations on being mentioned at Davids along with your mum!! Almost a hat trick! Is there a name for 2 rather than 3? I may be rambling........

  6. And that would have been my luck! No, probably not, if he'd have drawn and animal, nothing could have parted me from it...
    Came by way of David though I've always admired your Icon when I've visited places you had also visited...finally, I dropped by. Not disappointed by the visit, I shall return...ohh, that rather sounds like a threat! Do you mind if I come visit again? Yes, that sounds better!

  7. YIKES! I can't even imagine...Congrats on being POTD. Enjoy.

  8. Yes, it is a true story. One of the greatest 'what might have been's' in this family saga. Pop was only a kid, 12 or 13 but that's no excuse.

  9. sandi - pop by any time, always welcome here!! I often visit you too!

    Suburbia - not sure what a two some is, apart from a duo, a twosome!LOL..

    although I did learn today that a four painting piece, like a three piece being a tryptic, a four piece is a polyptic...I like to know STUFF like that... :)

  10. The first thing that popped into my mind (aside from the "Oh, no!") was, "What a twat Picasso was! The gall, to think that everybody would welcome him paying without actually paying!"

  11. suldog, yeah! especially a kid!! though he was by then in his 70's and he by all accoutns had a very big ego!or perhaps he knew the kids would sell them..not my Papa!well not then, now.!!!!???you betcha LOL

  12. Wonderful story. Would it have been better not to have known who the old man was?

  13. Oh no - how awful. If only
    your father had kept it.. Yes, I heard he had a huge ego too - those photos of him as a young man make him look like a young bull! M :-)


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