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I remembered that I had forgotton

... my debit card and lost my sunglasses, my itrip, my mobile phone, and one new shoe! All this is typical of one week in my mad, sad world!

In my last post I mentioned that I had left my debit card in the payment machine of TK Maxx after buying some bargain shoes, but that wasn't the whole story, not even a bit of it!

When I got home from town, long before I remembered that I had forgotten my card, I noticed that I had only one shoe from the pair I had just bought, TK Maxx discourages the use of carrier bags so I dropped them into my handbag. My bags are always large enough to carry around extra items like a pair of shoes, ironing board and the kitchen sink.

I checked the car, the driveway and I mentally retraced my steps but was at a loss to recall where the shoe might be. This is a pattern that I have to admit is being repeated not just occasionally but repeatedly with different items, several times a week. In the last week I have misplaced my mobile, which I had to report to police and I have had blocked; I cannot find my itrip which enables me to listen to my ipod in the car through the radio - don't ask me how it just does; I have left my prescription sunglasses somewhere, I know not where, I need them for driving as I hate the glare AND they make me feel fab and mysterious and I can hide behind them without eye makeup, so that's a double blow.

These lost items usually come to light after a few days or weeks. On the way over to Gateshead on wednesday my daughter mentioned that it was a shame I couldn't find my itrip, as she had her nano with her and we could have had a singalong to some show tunes. She started to look in the cubby holes as if she didn't believe me and there it was, in plain view, even though I had looked in the car numerous times! I heard her mimic me by saying, ' I suppose you were looking with your nose again!'

I found my mobile phone between the sliding back doors of the car, again I had looked there several times, but not effectively enough obviously!

After I collected my debit card from the nice lady in TK Maxx, who I swear was smirking to herself, a bit like the nice lady in the post office who saves my p/office card for me as she now knows I'll walk off without it,  just like the elderly ladies in their eighties collecting their pensions! I then went into the sweet shop opposite, which I remembered was last place I visited on wednesday for our sweetie provisions for the drive over to the Sage. I spoke, with not a little embarrassment to the owner who smiled knowingly and asked his assistant to 'Pass the lady the shoe which she left on the counter last evening.'

I thanked him profusely and left the shop with a very pink face, as
he called out to me, ' Take care now and be home before midnight Cinderella!'

My sunglasses are still missing!

Post of the day at Authorblog, thank you  David!!!


  1. Two out of three ain't bad. I also have to empty my bag of weird stuff before I can get to my phone/purse whatever so I get the picture, thrilled I'm not alone.

  2. Have you tried looking on top of your head?

    Yes, I've done that. Whilst windsurfing (don't ask!) I lost my sunglasses. Convinced they were at the bottom of the lake I prepared to dive when someone said "On top of your head!"

  3. My daughter lost her house keys last week. We hunted everywhere for them and, when we'd finished, we hunted everywhere again. I overturned sofa cushions, shook the mats, went through coat pockets, tipped handbags out, opened drawers. Dug down the sides of the sofa again. Nothing. Zilch. One evening, I went to sit on the sofa (which I had done countless times before) and there was a lump underneath the sofa throw. Guess what? The keys! Yet I had checked that sofa a zillion times. I swear there must be some little people (like in the book The Borrowers) who borrow things for a while and then bring them back again. Maybe they'll bring your sunglasses back.

    PS. You are not wearing them on top of your head by by chance?

  4. Last bit above should read ***by any chance****

  5. I must be about the only woman in the world who doesn't carry a handbag. I had my wallet stolen several years ago and whenever I buy a new one, I buy it small enough to fit in my jeans or jacket pocket...I like keeping it CLOSE! I don't carry family photos...just the necessities. And I rarely ever have cash on me. Kind of embarrassing when people ask to see photos of the grandsons, but after the nightmare of trying to get everything straightened out way back when - this was 20 years ago, before ID theft was so prevalent - but it taught me a good lesson and I've become very cautious. It's not past me to stop someone in the supermarket who's left their purse unattended in their shopping cart to caution them and tell them my horror story. It's a horrible feeling to be so 'violated'.

  6. Poor thing - hate losing things. puts me all on edge. right now, can't find daughter's mobile phone, i blame myself of course.

    my worst neurosis tho' is my keys. i always have to check where they are


  7. I went to Center Parcs with some girly friends in Feb and I was convinced I'd left my manicure set there (just use the scissors!) and lo and behold it turned up in my cupboard last week. (Yes..I had searched everywhere.) I also went to the farmers' market a few months ago, bought some meat, went back home, couldn't find it, went back to market - nix, back home - nix...and then finally to my parents for lunch and yes...the meat was there in the car!!!

  8. I can't believe you found it all (well nearly!) Sometimes I think there's some strange force working against me when I search for things I've lost, only to find them just where I have looked so many times!

    I found my gold ring behind the bathroom towel rail this week. I swear I've cleaned behind there since June!!! ;)

  9. At least you didn't lose your sense of humour!

  10. Too glad they're still missing as they would have made a great hiding place on your way out of the sweets shop.

  11. Im glad im not the only one!!

  12. Nicely, happily scatter-brained! Great!

    What sort of sweets did you purchase from the sweet shop?

  13. This story so much reminds me of myself these days. I just lost my treasured "Celtics" cap - no idea where I left it. I feel for you, my dear, I truly do.

  14. oh but it is good to have people take care of you when you most need it. i hope the sunglasses turn up soon.

    thanks for stopping by my place. :)

  15. At your age and life style it is caused by stress..with me it is the slow death of a few more brain cells.

  16. I was going to leave a witty comment here, but I forgot what I was going to say...

  17. Hi FFF,

    Unrelated comment far are you from Mowbray in Cumbria? My folks are there this week staying with a friend!

  18. the car - sunglasses are always found in the car!
    You're not the only one honest1

    Lynette x

  19. Bs5- Pear drops! and Mawbray is in west cumbria I think on the coast. Mowbray I think is in Yorkshire?!

    Suldog- Celtic as in soccer Celtic fc or a celtics hockey? football? cos if its Celtic fc then I can help yout here, as my husband is a scot and support celtic.

    rosiero- nope checked my head! LOL

    misskris- i tried that after a terrible burglary of my handbag in a london cinema, they emptied my pruse and then repaced it, the bag wa son the floor, the handles over each foot, still l didnt know. The cops said they were under the seat on their stomachs!! jeech!! thanks for reminding me!

    greenjello- thanks for the sympathy

  20. Came over from David's blog.
    Congratulations on having the POTD.

    Bear((( )))

  21. Congratulations on POTD. You deserve that and glad you got everything back, particularly the credit card!

  22. Don't you just love those "holier than thou" types who never ever make a mistake or forget who they are momentarily? Don't worry pal, their day is coming! Doubled, I'm sure
    congrats on POTD!

  23. Oh my! You had quite the time with all these lost things! I especially love that you were called Cinderella :-)

    Peace - D

  24. I frequently misplace things too! Thankfully, so far I haven't misplaced my debit card though as I would really be up a creek without a paddle if I did that! ARRGH. Don't even want to think about that one. One day though, I poured myself a cup of coffee -apparently, I did that anyway -went out to the kitchen and came back to the living room with a second fresh cup of coffee in hand. To this day, I have no recollection of having poured that first cup of java to begin with! That deal really kind of freaked my daughter out though although she is accustomed to my "losing" things, she wasn't ready for the senility factor of pouring two cups of coffee and not remembering the first one at all!

  25. Skipping over from Authorblog . . .

    That is great! I can't tell you how many hours a week I spend looking for something lost (well, something I have laid down and can't remember where).


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