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All in a days work..

I was reading earlier Gone back down south's recent Role reversal post, a Post of the Day nomination at David McMahon's wonderful blog, and I couldn't help reflecting upon yesterday a day of crisis, work, education and retail therapy (of others not mine) , culminating in an almost confrontation of teenage and menopausal hormones.

I went to work as usual and my day there was divided between, the monitoring of the Art Gallery and its exclusive   Art Exhibition and then onto the museum shop for the afternoon. Enough to keep me busy and out of trouble, one would think. Although the day was expected to be relatively quiet, the morning was eventful nonetheless.  As I chatted art and the sublime new exhibits  with a couple of visitors, out of the corner of my eye I spied another visitor who had decided to sit down on a piece of sculpture!  

I  shouted out to her, 'Please don't sit on that!' as l saw her generous bottom begin its descent  upon the polyester resin sculpture with an accompanying   'CrUnCh'   OMG ... I was mortified!

Whatever your view on modern /contemporary art  surely,  even a philistine would have respect enough not to sit on a sculpture .... wouldn't you think? Nuff said that my heart nearly jumped out of my chest as I inspected the piece for evidence of damage, I called for the curator and cordoned off the exhibit ... sigh ... the visitor proffered no apologies, saying she thought it was for sitting and blamed the too subtle signage! When I left for my lunch break, my eyes pricked tears behind them I know not why, I guess I felt a tad overwhelmed.

The afternoon was less eventful, but busier as I was manning the Museum shop and even a shop full of giggling school children didn't phase me after the morning happening. Several  colleagues came and offered me sympathy, as it feels terrible if something happens on our watch!

After closing up at the end of our work day, I had a 15 minute window to get to evening class or get home first, so l phoned the kids to make sure the house wasn't burned down ( don't laugh, that is another story!). All was well seemingly, so off to college I drove and enjoyed two hours applying myself to the elements of Photoshop, which is great fun, though I'll not remember half of it unless l practice and I must figure out  how cloning a lizard and applying stones with have a valid or pratical application in my life or work. This is supposed to help me with the editing of images and creating graphics for my vintage clothing business, that  which is in need of my full attention... some day!

I  had left home 10+ hours earlier, so tired and hungry I drove home only  minutes away and I noted that the wheelie bin was still out in the street, even though my son had promised on the phone to bring it inside, one bad mark. 

Through the kitchen window, I noted the washing up was strewn all over the sink, cooker, counter, not in the dishwasher, how lucky are we?This is not unusual, a second bad mark.  

The back door was locked, but no one responded to my knocking, #4 bad mark, so l went in the front door... still no one noticed but the dog who greeted me, ever faithful unless someone else has a biscuit in their pocket within 10 yards! 

My son (14) was doing homework at his desk, he told me hi and he had made a pot of tea,  it was indeed brewing, with my hopes rising, I entered the living room to ... my daughter (16) frowning and mumbling swear words, not softly enough actually and was  watching some bloody football!  (see  What the F***?  ) 

Voicing my hope that this was indeed 'almost over!', she told me in no uncertain terms, it had just started, she had been looking forward to it all day, that it is on ITV4 and we don't get that or in fact any other channels in any other room of the house!  To tired to argue I left the room sighing and scowling. I admit that was weak of me but I  told myself I should shower and  change, bake a potato, then return to the living room refreshed, my thoughts regrouped and ready to  take on daughter and even to check out the new tv digital system installed this week  (which replaced, the over priced and underused and as yet uncancelled SKY System).

By the  time I had showered, cooked, eaten and cleaned up it was 9.55pm and the football was still on. I was in no mood to watch it but  to say anything would attract more grunts and groans and put ME in a mood! 

My daughter looked up and smiled (!) and said, 'I'm buzzing,  we won the match and I won a fiver', she passed me the remote, 'All yours ,' she said, ' l'm off to shower and bed, I've already done my homework. Night!' She gave me a kiss and was off! Ahhhh .... all bad marks erased, what a good girl! Am I soft or what!?

I collapsed on the couch and watched  saved episode's of Strictly - it takes two....

... all in a day's work!?


  1. Wow - that was a busy day! I can't quite work out how all your daughter's bad marks were so easily erased! How did that work?

    I am officially not smirking at your modern sculpture story...(though I am genuinely sorry for the trouble of it happening on your watch).

    Our friend Suburbia is a big fan of modern art, but other than that she's lovely (hee hee).

    Seems like ages since you posted so it was fun to hear from you.

    Hope today is a better one for you!


  2. thanks BS5!! Its great to let off steam here...I have had several longer shifts at the museum and all the 'juggling' l'm afraid l've only had the time to post some picture posts, ABC and photostory friday..I can plan them while walking the Galleries!

    Why are my daughters 'bad' marks so easily erased....

    well cos she is my daughter and I love her...and cos she is just being a teen really, there isnt any malice, she is on top of her studies, yeah she has attitude and then some, but she doesnt smoke or drink, well not that l've witnessed any bad moments, no drugs (thank you god).. she loves animals and respects old people..thats enough in this day and age.. (and she hasnt got up to any of my old tricks for the same age)LOL..

    good enough eh?

  3. Hi FFF, seems good enough to erase a whole skip full of bad marks. Good for FFF Jr....

    I now have this mental picture of you walking the halls of your museum (composing Blog posts) and it makes me think of Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair, looking at all the paintings and trying to trap the thief!


  4. Well you sure know how to flatter a girl me Rene russo, that face that bod..holy cow...Mmmmmm and Pierce to boot...sigh...l'm all a glow! LOL

  5. Oh dear...what a day...but isn't it something that a bad day can make a great post?

    XO XO XO XO...that's a hug for all of you.

  6. We all have bad days sometimes. Hope today is better for you.

  7. What a crazy day! I can't believe someone sat on a sculpture. What a goof.

    I hope you're having a better day today!

  8. I hope today is better ...


  9. I am amused about the sculpture but can imagine it is not amusing when you are in charge of it! Try and cancel the Sky now. It has taken me months to cancel some of ours (from our untenanted house/unsold house for 9 months). Think what you can do with the money!

  10. I know the messy kid syndrome so well. My pet hate is when they make a coffee miles away from the sugar bowl, then leave a snail trail which needs to be chisled off, oh, and coffee granules, don`t get me started!!!!!

    My brother used to make little clay superheroes, I took them to a craft fair and this stupid mother allowed her son to snap the heads off three of them and didn`t stop him, can`t believe why these people pretend that they are interested in art or crafts.

  11. Uck! What sort of person destroys a piece of art without even offering an apology? Even had I not known, as that person, I would have been amazingly apologetic. Even if I absolutely detested the artwork, I would have apologized. Some people have no regard for the feelings of another, do they? What a shame!

    I'm glad things turned out well at the end, though. They always do, sooner or later. Rely on that.

  12. That sounds like a day and a half. As I was reading the begining of your post I was thinking how nice it would be to work somewhere like that rather than at school, which can be quite stressful at times. And then I realised so can working in a gallery. I can't believe she sat on it!! Did you bill her?
    And as for teenagers, well I have it all to come! They're building up to it nicely already though!

    Nice to read you again. I see BS5 he preceeded me, he likes traditional art I believe! :)

  13. Perhaps the curator should reconsider accepting R. Mutt's 'Fountain' on loan.

  14. Gosh, I was exhausted just reading that! My friend did a photoshop course and she swore that it was wonderful and that she came on in leaps and bounds. Will dive in one day.

    Although we don't have artwork in the Supermarket where i work, i am just amazed how sloppy and careless people are about things. They sit on the checkouts and everything! Adults I mean. I just think people are so wrapped up in themselves these days.

    Hope tomorrow is a bit easier for you. xx

  15. jennie- suburbia-soldog - bs5 - cheshire-daryl-yvonne-reluctant housewife-
    thank you all for your sympathies, a better day today.although busy with housework. and I agree that people are so sloppy these days..l think its partly to do with this cult of I am, I can..I will..if you get my drift the cult of I, being the b all and end all...I do hope that this financial crisis which is looming may declutter us all from this shallow veneer that seems to have permeated our social and economic skins..hey ho..on a rant wot?

  16. Heh. Good post - and it all resonates with me. Must be great to work with art.

  17. I know, I feel like that soft touch too, but it doesn't take much does it.....Lx

  18. What a day - and it's probably a typical one for you too! Nice to forget all the bad marks at the end of it. M :-)

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