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ABC Wednesday O is for ..

an O-rdinary day

I am not working today and the kids are with their father
who is working in Manchester for a few days
and its half term, so it is just Pippa and I.

After our ordinary breakfast Pippa
and I went for our ordinary walk.

So I am thinking there won't be much to photograph as I'm home all day,
but for a trim and blow and the hair salon later in the day.

Our usual route is the pathway or road if too muddy by the river Eden.
Today I followed the road by our home and then

checked out the path for the evening walk, if either of us are up for it.

Pippa is elderly now, though her mind and heart are willing sometimes she just sleeps on through!

Last week there was much rain and wind and these neighbouring trees seemingly took the brunt.

One of the mansion houses along the road, our house was built on its back yard!!
All the land here was/is freehold of landlords Duke of Marlbourough, 
Devonshire & Cornwall hence all the Avenue names.

Just an ordinary day.


  1. Nothing is ordinary in that beautiful landscape. I love the photos, so cheer up.

    What's more is that I am 60 . . .


  2. What gorgeous landscape. I love the photos!

  3. Gorgeous pictures... I especially like the first one.

  4. I like "just ordinary" days. There can be a lot of peace and order in them.
    Great shots of your "ordinary' walk.

  5. I left England 43 years ago, but it's only now, that I see photos such as yours, that I feel a bit homesick. By the way, I hope the hair-do wasn't ordinary!!!

  6. These images from an ordinary day are etraordinary beautiful! My favorite one is the first one, with the big old tree branch framing the leaf strewn road.

    Of course you can use that gondola picture as your screensaver! I am sorry I did not get around to answer your question. Some days it is either using the time available to put up a new post, or answering the comments box. If I don't get a chance to answer the comments in timely fashion (so that hopefully the answers will be read), I make it a point to pay a visit to people who have been kind enough to take the time to comment.

    Have a wonderful day! :-)

  7. What a lovely and picturesque place you live in. You are to be envied.

    We have a view of Ladbrokes and the Dry Cleaners!

    i must learn how to do that ABC wednesday thing - it looks great!


  8. For you it's an ordinary day. For us it's an extraordinary day. Thanks for shareing.

  9. What lovely pics.
    Savour your time alone :)

  10. What a lovely area you live in. I always find the "ordinary" walks in such beautiful inspiring nature help me unwind and do a lot of thinking.

  11. Looks like your walk is just beautiful! Dogs do that for us, take us outside and remind us to enjoy the view.

    Peace - D

  12. Nothing ordinary about a beautiful walk...

  13. That looks idyllic. very peaceful.

  14. Your "ordinary" day looks quite lovely! Such beautiful scenery for a walk; thank you for sharing these with us.

  15. Oh autumn! I remember autumn! We just don't get one here in Southern California. They plant horrible liquidambars everywhere among the palm trees, to simulate a change of season with a change of foliage colour, but that's it.
    Basically it's either summer here or it isn't!

  16. Ooh I want that house. Or at least a floor in it. Probably cost a fortune to run but one can dream!

  17. Lovely, darling..wish I could take an ordinary walk with you. Oh well,hopefully, in December you will tread my Ordinary paths, with me.

  18. Your Ordinary day looks pretty extraOrdinary in your photos.

    Bear((( )))

  19. Hi!
    Great Photos! Thanks for taking me on your "ordinary" walk. It was a nice walk. Take Care!


  20. Ordinary maybe but a very pleasant way to spend it

  21. What's ordinary for you is exotic for me! That's the joy of pictures from blogger friends. Thank you for taking me with you on your ordinary day.

  22. simply beautiful, what a wonderful place to live, I live by the sea so different scenery but can be just as stunning. hope you enjoyed your walk

  23. That looks like a great area to walk in! Especially for an elderly dog - nice countryfied smells and leaves and all, but nice flat paths too!

  24. Beautiful. Don't think it is ordinary.

  25. What a super ordinary day.
    I'm English but live in New York.
    In England you have to go for walks with the dog a lot.
    This seems eminently sensible to me.
    Sign me up for the title of your blog......

  26. I love the trees! I love the path! I love that your children are on Holiday! Hope you have a wonderful week! God bless.

  27. For a minute there when you and Pippa were walking and you were threatening to not have much to report it almost looked like Pippa's leg quivered in that shot near the light post. I thought Pippa was about to pip!

  28. Wow, such beautiful photos. I've just stumbled upon your blog via several glad I have, it's a great read. I'll be back (said in a faux-Austrian accent).

  29. Great photos! The scenery where I live is not as picturesque, but I still love walking, and will always walk, if possible, rather than take the car. Walking makes me feel so good - even if it is a bit chilly, at the moment!

  30. thank for all your comments, its actually funny how one thinks their lives are ordinary and then when you take a bunch of photos, not even carefully planned or composed, something good seems to come out of it and makes you refocus on several levels...Hmmm...paws for thought!! LOL

  31. Dear FFF,
    I believe in the power of pictures! Framing a scene and transposing it into a photograph is a powerful way to refocuse almost anything. I experience this every day, on several levels, as you say. Tell me the many ways ..... ;-)

  32. Wonderful pictures!
    Very well done!


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