Monday, 15 September 2008

OMGOSH! My first award...

On friday afternoon I found I had been given this award  from Hadriana! 
So  THANK YOU very much I'm still buzzing...

I'm not sure how the system actually works (is it the same for ALL awards, like wot I got ... LOL and can I make my own?)

I understand I can give them away to some of my favourite bloggers. 

It is lovely to be appreciated and to know that there are people out there reading what we write is a HUGE bonus, (cos I thought I was just ranting and venting!).

So thank you once more Hadriana and right back at ya with this award!
My tributes are for a few of the bloggers whose posts are unmissable! 

THE VIEW FROM THIS END - for Moannie (mum) who has been blogging for a short time but her posts are all pearls! Call it nepotism l don't care! LOL

Moments from suburbia -  Cos she makes me laugh and cry

Poetic License - for her inspiring and 'poetic' posts

 authorblog -David, because his blog is inspiring on so many levels, his photography, his wit, his altruism and intelligence and oh so much more....

Family Affairs - for her fortitude and perseverence 

Alcoholic Daze - for her courage and endurance

Working mum on the verge - cos she was one of the first bloggers who came by to visit and she has been coming by ever since & btw I do 'love your blog'

 One strangely lush mother   - and to a fellow 'Lady of Kent',   who writes with such versatility and happiness, it thankfully can't help but rub off a little!

As with all awards there are certain rules to follow:
1. Link to the giver
2. Nominate up to seven (oops...) other fab blogs and link to them
3. Leave messages announcing their ris
e to greatness. 
note - You may have been given this already, so that means you are a GREAT blogger


  1. Congratulations! he first one is the best feeling! Chauffed for you... MH

  2. Duh, I meant THE first one, not he first one. Damn my typing finger (yes, singular - impressed?)

  3. Wonderful award and may I say you richly deserve it, too.

    You are a gifted writer and a great communicator and a pleasure to read.

    Thank you for generously passing it on as well. And may I bow in response to the wonderful citation you have given me .....

    Thank you so much.

    PS: If you don't mind, please leave your email address as a comment on my blog and then delete it immediately. I'll be the only person who can see it ....

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!! What a lovely award. Lx

  5. Congratulations on your first, Wish I'd got there a bit earlier but then again now you have 2!!!!
    Thanks so much for mine :) I like this one very much because it's pretty!Thanks for thinking of me, I'll try not to make you cry too much ;)

  6. OOOOO! I have coveted this award and now you've granted it to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to have come across your blog and your mom's blog.

    I see that I'm in very good company here, and there are a few blogs I've not yet visited. I'll take a look, since you recommend them so highly!

    I'll gladly add this to my "bling."

    Peace - D

  7. Well first of all darling girl, congratulations [we will have to stop this love fest] it is richly deserved- didn't Dilly tell you that you still had masses of good things to do? LOL.

    Now I know I am a dunce but does that mean I have now been awarded summat? You know that you will have to show me how to put it on my blog, and to 'link' not sure how that will begin to wish you never got me started.

  8. Congratulations and thank you for passing one on to me. I shall give you a mention in my post!

  9. well done on the award! love the lilac btw

  10. woohoo! This is great. I love this kind of bloggy love. Thank you so much.

    I feel very honored to be in such good company.

  11. Congrats on all your awards... they're well-deserved!


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