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My cup runneth over ...

A few days ago I received a very touching tribute from a long time girl friend, it was about female friendships and sisterhood.

It made me reflect upon the women in my life and how these friends may also be described as our 'chosen' family.

I have always considered myself to be not much of a girly girl, you know the one who loves to party with a gaggle of giggling female friends out on the town, in a pub or club, sometimes getting sloshed and perhaps even boshed at weekends. I rarely went out with a group of girls or women for that matter and I've always been uncomfortable in a crowded and noisy nightclub, a bar or disco, but I did sometimes frequent them, though rarely drunk, often getting slowly merry and smoking myself into a muggy stupor.

However when the children came, even that stopped for me and I have to say I didnt miss it at all. The women l would go out with to the cinema, a wine bar or for a meal, were usually work colleagues and they soon dropped by the wayside, along with the career girl work. I have to say I didn't and don't miss that at all either.

Whilst thinking about the poignant email and the friend who sent it, I thought about my recent birthday bash, a group of 20 women who gathered to join me to celebrate for a few drinks and a meal. Women work colleagues, my daughter, my sister in law, other good friends and Lynn, my good pal whom I met shortly after I moved to Cumbria, indeed she moved here in the same year.

I have four other good friends whom, now l come to think this through, don't know each other nor have they ever met that l can recall. One friend is from early school, with whom I share a love of vintage fashion and we now both run vintage businesses. One friend is from my fashion world of the early 1980's and another friend is from bedsit land in the late 1970's. My friend in America who sent me the email, has been a very good friend since 1975 when we met and became close at school in upstate New York. All four live the other end of the country but we keep in contact by email and by phone. Visits are few and far between and need strategic planning, organising and timing, similar to the scope of a Mrs. Strangelove.

Just today I met up with fellow blogger Hadriana for lunch and we chatted for the longest time. What surprises this blog business brings!

I have a refreshed, open and relaxed friendship with my mother, (who is now a blogger herself) and we share many interests above and beyond family.

I have always thought one would be rich indeed to have two people to call friends. Since turning 50 last month, I have been more reflective and appreciative of my life,  my family, my friends, but more importantly my women friends. I am actually surprised and humbled at the wealth in my life.

I feel I am truly blessed, my cup runneth over with an abundance of sisterhood! 


  1. What a lovely post! So full of positive thoughts and friendships. :)

  2. Hi FFF, yes - I very much enjoyed our chat. (Good job I never got that parking ticket!!! Completely forgot the time I was so absorbed in our conversations.) We must have a follow-up pretty soon...thanks also for introducing me to Tullie House. Can't wait to get back and see more of it.

  3. Keep cherishing that sisiterhood! It's a great gift :)

  4. The only way to have a friend, is to be one:Ralph Waldo Emerson...

    Friendship is a love that makes no demands; none are needed for a friend knows when to be there and how to help.
    A true friend takes as much joy from your good fortune as he takes sadness from your sorrow.
    He gives good advice when asked, but does not frown when it is ignored.
    Friendship is a gift to be treasured.

  5. Hi. Something for you over at my place Hx

  6. Hello FFF!

    Are men allowed to comment on this post? I really enjoyed your thoughts and words on this one!

  7. I was looking for your e-mail but can't see one! I just wanted to say THANKS for you so supportive comment at mine which mirrors exactly how I feel. Thank you
    Suburbia x

  8. Ooops for got to say There is something for you at mine!

  9. You sound like one very lucky woman. Maybe you draw it to yourself?

  10. ...Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sisters... Just catching up on these sweet pieces of your life, Saz. So lovely. With love from your Ugly Sister! xxx


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