Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hell hath no fury ...

... like a woman going through the CHANGE'.

I am, I think by nature a passionate creature, I am a mix of French/Italian & English by parentage ... surely this speaks volumes ... there are no in between moods nor shades of grey with me I'm afraid. So perhaps one should feel sorry for my husband, my daughter and my son, yes probably even Pippa, our dog.

I have been known to try and put the iron into the fridge, the kids have found the bacon in the dishwasher instead of the fridge and the butter into the microwave (in error), and no the butter wasn't frozen! I have ranted at the children for not putting a teaspoon into the dishwasher and cried copiously in frustration on the telephone to the man at the bank, the telephone supplier and Sky tv. I know getting through the 8 different menu sections, to speak with a living breathing human in Bangkok, Bombay or Blackpool would test the patience of Mother Teresa or even Gandhi himself, but it defeats me totally, menopausal or not!

Lucky are those who can take Hrt, as l experienced the happy pills for 3 blissful months. Heaven on earth it was, no flushes, my mood swings were better, but my BP was so abnormal when checked by my Doctor, he was surprised l was still breathing. He told me to not take one more.

Now l just pray that the 'mad manic mama' or 'the mentalist' tags by which I am now referred to, will soon be forgotten and forgiven and I can get through this end of the horror, with my marriage and our children still intact and me in one un-frazzled piece!!

Last year I was having hot flushes (flashes in USA) every 10 minutes, day and night for about four months. Now I just get them when I eat anything hot, mow the lawn or ... well l'm sure you can imagine! 

All around me everyone is complaining that it is getting colder and asking 'when can we put the heating on?', I just laugh and tell them to firm up and put on a cardi or sweater. The heating on! no, that aint gonna happen this month!

Any helpful old wives tales or stress and strenuous free tips would be gratefully received...

OH shit, open the effing window here comes another hormonal heat wave...


  1. Hi FFF, I have *NO* practical ideas on this one, my lovely but I hope someone else delivers a solution.

    It is spectacularly easy being a chap sometimes and I think we take that for granted as a species of limited thinking!

  2. I do feel for you, FFF, I have been almost constantly hot for what seems like most of the year. No, don't bring that heater near me!

    Tried those HRT things for a while. Couldn't get on with them, they seemed to irritate me somehow on my skin. Might have been physcological. I don't know. Meanwhile I am peeling those cardigans off!!

  3. An ice cube on the inside of the wrist is supposed to take away the hot flashes or at least ease them a bit. As for the memory issues? I have no clue. I think I knew, but I forgot it. :-)

    Peace - D

  4. No magic formulas for this one, my lovely, but just think what that blood rush to the skin is doing for your complexion.

  5. I can so empathise with you. MWM keeps complaing he's cold - he sits wearing two cardigans I wear a t-shirt! I call them whoooshes :(

  6. That hot thing sounds grim. Do I have that to look forward to or shall I just end it all now?!!

    My sympathies to you :)

  7. That has to be the funniest thing i've read in ages! I'm not supposed to be anywhere near the 'change' but the way my innards work then i could be done and dusted by 40. Every month things get 'hotter' and my husband has come home to find me hanging out of windows sweeping the cold air in as if the rooms on fire! the flinging across the room of the duvet at 2am irritates the life out of him but it's the ridicule i suffer from my 3 offspring..9,7 and 3 when i have to admit not being able to find the carrot i was just about to peel for their lunchboxes, (later found on hall radiator!) or that it cant have been me who put the furniture polish in the fridge that makes me the 'maniac mumma'.

    Oh the joys of being female.
    Thank you for brightening the day...

  8. My poor mother went through the change for I swear about 6 years.

    Thank God it's finally over and she says she feels great now.

    I'll be checking back when you get the *answer*. I'm sure I'll need it.

  9. Hi there - I'm a new reader who loves your blog.
    I've been going through the crazies for six years now. No HRT because of BP like you.
    The hot flushes have calmed a bit, so I only get them when I'm drinking tea, or in the dead of night. When they were really bad, my husband and I had to resort to separate single-bed duvets on our QS bed, so I could fling mine off and on without disturbing his sleep.
    I can't wait for it to be over!


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