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Extracurricular Activities!

I recently read some remarks about how awful some people think it is to read in the loo! Though to be fair approx the same amount were all for it! 

It appears some people are quite anal about having books, magazines, a radio in the loo ... no pun intended, honest!

Why are people so affronted by any extracurricular activities in the bathroom? Is it because this is where the unmentionables and the ablutions take place? Or is it a, dare I say the word, 'class' thing?

Perhaps because the wealthy and well to do's, have had the use of a toilet system within their houses long before the hoi polloi. They perhaps never had to contemplate, in a wooden, concrete or makeshift outhouse, too cold to 'perform', so to speak and that's maybe where it all started!

I've text'd, read books or magazines, wrote 100's of lists and even talked on the phone! But as yet I haven't taken the laptop in with me, into the smallest room in the house. Well maybe the smallest room is an exaggeration cos that probably my sons room. There isn't much between them in size, obviously my sons room hasn't a loo/sink/bath/shower, although if he has any of his mother and maternal grandfather about him, he will try his best to fit it ALL in plus the garden shed too!

What does one do in the loo, if you are there longer than to spend a penny? (and btw its now 20 pence to spend a 'penny' in Euston station ladies). What is there to look at? Your feet? the wall in front? Now this is where I think that there is quality time to be found when in the loo.

When I attended my convent school 1968-174, we never spent much time in the loos, unless we were avoiding Sisters Assumpta and Joseph Columba, because the loo paper was that crispy hard noisy Izal paper, but there were times when it was raining and we didn't want to 'play' outside, so Lorri and I would stand on the loo and talk over the top. Then when anyone came in we were very quiet. So wrong in retrospect on several levels, but hey we were the tallest girls in a convent school in the early 70's and the teasing was merciless!

Slight digression, sorry, in our bathroom we have copies of Film magazines, the Sunday sport pages, a copy of the Culture and I've probably left my current book in there. I've noticed that rarely does anyone use the single 2nd loo we have, and l think that is because its such a narrow room, you can't stick your elbows out!

If you were say, the author of a book would you be affronted to find it in the loo?!

Someone has taken his reading very seriously, this contraption is available through this 


  1. If I actually finish my book, and it gets published, I PRAY it makes it everywhere, loo included.

    I really don't think it's such a big deal.

  2. Yeah! I'm first again. Loos I have known. Now that would make a good post...freezing outside loos...during the war loos when we cut newspapers into squares, skewered a hole for string and hung it on a nail, a loo I once had to use in France where the back was open onto a field of cows.
    'Naice' people don't talk of bodily functions; don't you believe it...
    If I had a book published it wouldn't worry me where it was read, as long as it was.

  3. The whole family reads in the loo here(we are obviously not well bread enogh to know better!)even Small Sprog , who has a selection of joke books in there!

  4. Oh, sweetheart, I'm a voracious reader and wouldn't be caught dead in the loo without something to read. My bathrooms all have various books, magazines, and puzzle books that are rotated regularly.

    Recently I read a blip from Jennifer Aniston about her upcoming movie based on the book Marley & Me. She said that lots of people had foisted the book on her, saying she'd love it. She said that it had struck her as the kind of book she would keep in the bathroom, if she did that kind of thing.

    Wonder if she thinks she's too good/famous/whatever to read in the loo?

    Not me. I always have something to read with me (but I don't take my laptop in there...yuck...)

    Peace - D

  5. If I ever become a published author you may feel free to take my book to the loo -- as long as you don't plan on using it for toilet paper.

  6. I'm really missing out here. I don't have nearly enough time to read. But as my kids are fairly young yet I have the problem of social time in the loo. It seems that there's a buzzer on our seat and everytime I sit down the kids come running. Captive audience and all.

  7. On occasion it has been the ONLY place available to get some peace! I may not have been using the toilet at the time...merely locking myself in to the 4ft by 3ft space to finish a library book with a due date imminent! but standing, sitting etc(!) i have no issues with taking a book in the loo.

    Having said that..if the husband started to stand and read at the same time then we may have discussions about hygiene!

  8. I think books were outlawed from my childhood loo because there was one loo and 5 persons in the family, so you could be 'hogging' the place and preventing others if you were reading ! So we learnt only to go in when necessary......

    Certainly brings a new slant on 'Time and Motion' studies.....!
    Husband did not have this training, and I think forgets why he's in there ......thank goodness for 3 loos....

  9. If you want to use our loo you must let Ms Rose in with you or she sits outside the door and cries .. if you let her in she hops up on the vanity which is so close to the terlet you can hit your elbow on it reaching back to er, clean up ...

    So no one in our house gets any real privacy ... Rosie hates for anyone to loo alone.

    Fun post!


  10. I don't think it is anything to do with class. I think it is to do with hygiene & the fact that not so clean hands could end up touching the book & then some one touches that.......!
    Some people in our house read on the loo. They know who they are!

  11. Wife in the North found her book in her friend's loo recently. I think it's perfect, no interruptions!

  12. I hate to tell you this, but I was at Euston Station last week and the ladies loo had a notice up saying it was now 30p a go! Scandalous! I decided to hang on till the train arrived and go for free!

    I know the price of everything is going up but why does it cost so much to go to the loo?

  13. Too funny! My mother used to say it was bad for the 'butt' to sit so long in the loo, so we were never allowed to read in there while growing up!!

  14. Hi FFF,

    A good selection in the loo is vital! I have some Incredible Hulk comics, a brochure for a huge Merc', a couple of books on the War and a book of facts about England - oh, and Schott's Original Miscellany and the current edition of Time magazine. Reading on the John is fair game!

    I also *always* have the stereo on in my room and leave the bedroom door and the bathroom door open if I am having a bath. Living on your own has advantages sometimes.


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