Tuesday, 23 September 2008


JUXTAPOSE... (and japanese)

with a little help from my COLLINS CONSISE tome AGAIN...
I thought I would try to juxtapose some images  
I may be wrong with this train of thought, I hope not...
here is the definition from my tome

'to place close together or side by 
side, esp. for comparison or contrast.'

60ft Oak tree  on the Isle of Wight 2008

8 inch J-apanese Bonsai in my back garden - summer 2008

I bought this is from a supermarket bargain bin for pennies, all the leaves were brown and crisp. 
 l trimmed it, watered it and I read up about Bonsai,
many people make the error of placing them inside the home, 
with central heating and dry air, they are just not compatible.
Treat it like any other tree and it wll flourish, put it outside, (sheltered in winter) et voila!

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  1. Just so smart, you juxtaposing junebug. (neeeeed sleeeepppp, meee)

  2. Wow, I learned again a new word: juxtaposing. So the Japanese Bonsai can survive outside the house? I must try that. I got several bonsai trees and they were pretty when I got them, but very soon they died.

  3. You have a very neat and pretty garden by the look of it!

    That's a top success story with your Bonsai tree.

    In Japanese, the word means 'Bon' (Tray) and 'Sai' (planting), according to my Oxford Dictionary of English.

  4. Ce qui est haut est comme ce qui est en bas.
    What's up is alike what's down.
    I hope you are not an Alaskan hockey mum !
    Any way you seem to like "With a little help for your friend" so I could forgive.

  5. Okay, that explains why I killed the last Bonsai I had.


    Beautiful shots...Peace - D

  6. Love your Japanese bonsai.
    When our son was a teenager he bought a bonsai but his didn't last too long.
    I think he inherited my black thumb.

    Bear((( )))

  7. Fabulous. You must have a green thumb! Those two trees are quite the contrast...

  8. What a brilliant idea for J! Interesting info too.
    The first photo is a fantastic shot:)
    Hope all is well with you. S

  9. Thanks for the tip. My mum had a bonsai indoors and it didn't look very happy. Now I know why. Will try it outside.

  10. That's my girl, font of all wisdom. Now write a hundred times
    Mother's, mother's mother's.

  11. LOL..never to old to be scolded or do lines huh!? LOL

  12. How clever are you...great contrasts...

    I have had trouble lately thinking of pikkies to go with the letters..until I look up the dictionary..what a cheat I am!


    ps Thanks for your visit!

  13. your bonsai looks lovely. :) and great word choice. :)

  14. Excellent juxtaposition! Congrats on the bonsai tree!

  15. You have quite the green thumb. I invite you to come see my post about jets. -- Margy

  16. that is beautiful it must take a lot of care. liked your place will be back.

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