Tuesday, 16 September 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY - i is for....

... I-con
to be frank I had trouble on this one, all I could t
hink of was ICE, but l couldnt find any of my own images
 to go with it, and that IS the point right, that its our own photos!?

So l reached for my old faithful the Collins Concise tome and looked for inspiration...ah too late now!

Here is a well known and loved Icon, The Princess of Wales, 
unfortunately I cannot find the photos I have of her, 
which I took when she visited my home town of Canterbury at the  Cathedral in the early 1980's. 

However I do have this, 
an I-conic  vintage Jacques Azagury designer dress from my Vintage store, 
well it isn't anymore as I'm keeping it! 
The original was sold in the now famous auction of many of her dresses.

Ballerina length dress with black bodice  
embroidered with blue stars.  
The drop waisted skirt is a double layer of blue organza. 
Designer: Jacques Azagury
...and this is my dress

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  1. These were great!! A wonderful play on words, too!!

  2. She will always be an icon to so many people around the world. Her clothes were gorgeous and lucky you to have a dress like hers. :D

  3. Such a great post! I had a hard time with the letter I too! I am afraid for X to come! Hope your day is wonderful. God bless.

  4. All great icons included to Identify with I.
    ann at Gallimaufry Gleanings

  5. Gosh, FFF, your dresses are exquisite. Sadly a lot of vintage dresses I see now are too small for me. I went round Portobello market recently and not a sniff! A few years ago when I was a mere size 14, I could get an armful of them!

    I wonder what big women used to do in The Olden Days.

    But best of luck with your business . I wish I could I do something as enterprising as that.

    bless you

  6. Good Morning - Creative post and I DO love that dress! Hope you wear it - it is too pretty to just live on a hanger! Enjoy your day!

  7. I'll bet you feel like a Princess in that dress!

  8. Now in a dress like that there is no way you are fat & frumpy. As for fifty - ENJOY IT!

  9. Clever blog for this weeks ABC Wednesday, thank you.

  10. I had forgotton all about the era of shoulder pads! Although your dress doesn't seem to have them, on her the shoulders look huge, perhaps it is just an illusion!

  11. l couldnt wear it in the last 3 decades, its too small.....

  12. I was stuck myself this week with 'I'... I was lined up for Ivy.... like Denise then my Internet went bellyup... so I chose that... I had thought about Icon as well.

  13. But that's great idea!

    PS.I have lot of vintage dresses too...and the same bad thing - they are to small.

  14. She looked great in anything she wore. Me..I would look like I was wearing a tutu around my thighs! Very creative use of this game rule!

  15. What a wonderful picture! :)

  16. How funny. Loved this. Best luck with the biz.


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