Tuesday, 9 September 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY - H is for...

This week's ABC Wednesday is I'm afraid a tad self indulgent ...

as H is for my idea of H-eaven (on earth)

my kind of H-eaven is a roomful of BOOKS, 
one day I would love to have a library, 
my own room dedicated to books!

my kind of H-eaven is a book in hand, 
on a summers day in the garden, 
the children (now too big) playing quietly together (nah not gonna happen!)

Old books, new books, coffee table books, children's  books, art books in fact any books!

another kind of heaven for me is my collection of vintage H-andbags
I use them whenever practical or not, 
with a vintage silk scarf tied to one handle, 
also very useful when caught out in the rain. 
This mortifies my kids, but hey, am l bovvered?

 A selection of bags from my (quite large) vintage collection.
Of course my idea of H-eaven is also, 
being with my family, traveling, making art and gardening, 
but none of these pursuits happen to begin with H!

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  1. fabulous. If I had a larger home I'd devote one whole room to be a library with every wall filled with books. What a fun handbag collection...

  2. I too love books and handbags - yours are lovely!

  3. So your H-obby is collecting books and bags...It suits perfectly in my post!!!

  4. I am also a book collector and have bookcases in every room in the house. What a lovely collection of handbags!

  5. In my house every room is a library and we are about to be swept out the door on a flood of print! And, like you in my love of books, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have three vintage evening bags inherited from my mother that I carry on festive occasions. One (my favorite) is completely beaded in an intricate pattern, another entirely encased in rhinestones and the third is pleated silk with a little gold chain.

    I loved your post!

  6. Being a Geordie I have to say Hawway the handbags, i have half a dozen beady buggers and love them all, none of them vintage, but we have a shop called Attica in Newcastle, there are some fabulous ones in there too. Just been to a book launch, bought Ruth Henderson...High Tides. I notice you have the Collectables 2008, love this book.

  7. A nice collection of things I would never have thought about to use for H.

    I only have one "H" for my post today. I hope you like it. I put it on Canon Pixels

  8. ah, yes, what is it they say about a library and a garden?


  9. I love your idea of heaven, including the vintage H-andbags! lol My "heaven" today is a bit on the sad side, but...come and visit anyway.

  10. I'm right there with you: books and purses! You can never have enough of either one. Add shoes to that....even thought they start with 'S'!

  11. Absolutely awesome collection of handbags. Any one of them would bring big money in the vintage market. I don't know which I like the best.
    Yup, books are a must. I love them too.
    I'm off to post my H picture right now.

  12. I'm a bibliophile, too! Great choice!

  13. lovely. :) i too would like to have a room full of books one of these days. and a comfy armchair.

  14. oh wow! had just been to hell and straight to heaven!

  15. I have one vintage handbag very similar to the one in the bottom right hand corner photo.
    I have it displayed with other vintage items on my tea wagon in my dining room.
    I agree Heaven would be my own personal library in my home.
    That has always been a dream of mine.
    I even know what type of chairs I want in there and of course there has to be a fireplace.

    Bear((( )))

  16. thank you for your comments...

    I too can imagine a roaring fire and wing backed armchairs, upholstered in plush fabrics in jewel colours, amidst the 'library'...

    with regard to my handbags, I run a vintage fashion business online as a sideline/hobby..and the best bags and scarves l keep for myself as l can rarely find a LBD or 40'50s dress that fits my bod! LOL

  17. Books is heavenly good to read and enjoy. Love your handbags too:)

  18. We're ALL self-indukgent when we Blog! I'm not a book-collector but I do haunt the local library. As for the bags, they look wonderful.

  19. Hi, new to this scene. Was just passing and couldn't help admiring your super photos and your wonder ful books

    every best wish

  20. Ah, the books. Especially the old ones, to hold and keep and smell. So wonderful. Our house is too small for books. It drives me crazy, baskets spilling of books all over. I covet your few shelves.

  21. Books are definitely my passion. I have to temper my need to buy every book that grabs my eye.

    Handbags, not so much, but you have an interesting collection!

    Peace - D

  22. Lovely post FFF.My heaven is in Hugs, hearth and Home, but there must be books.

  23. Mmm-hmm. I love books with words in them. Or even just pictures. Or, you know, content...

    Pretty handbags.

  24. Oh yes, books ...

    Not a handbag person but yours are lovely.

  25. O. My. Gawd.

    Two of my MAJOR weaknesses ...


  26. I love all of your books! Just looking at them makes me want to curl up in a chair and read for hours : )! Your vintage purses are so pretty also.

  27. I'm with your about the books. And what fun to see vintage handbags...nice collection.
    Happy Wednesday!

  28. Ooo handbags! They are gorgeous.

    I'm training daughter to love handbags too. We went out for a meal on holiday to a posh restaurant and she ran back into the cottage to get her posh, silver handbag! That's my girl.

  29. Oh love those bags!
    And books too, I hate to part with books, I'm even reluctant to let one be borrowed!

  30. BOOKS
    Oh yeah!!!!
    Me too!

  31. Love those handbags--who cares what our kids think of us! But my idea of heaven is the room full of books and a comfy chair under a shade tree with time to read all of them:) Great post!

  32. Oh yes, books, my idea of heaven too.
    Must go and tidy ours up me thinks! LOL!


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