Thursday, 28 August 2008

'Wonderful tonight...'

I wanted to share a little of the excitement and joy I experience with my small online business.

I have had a vintage clothing shop online since 2002, after my passion for vintage fashion went into uber-drive!

Sometimes customers send pictures and share their 'story'.

This is the story of Hayley and a stunning mid 1980's Frank Usher gown.

I had the dress in stock for sometime and was about to take it off the site to turn the stock around to keep it fresh.

The dress is a strapless column gown, in an asymmetrical style in contrasting post box red and jet black. A large sash bow to the side of one hip.

However Hayley contacted me from the United States asking about the dress and postage. She was considering it for her Senior Prom. I furnished her with the relevant information, and subsequently posted it to her stateside.

A few months ago my day was pleasantly uplifted by her email and the photographs of her all ready on the night of her school Prom 2008, at The Regency Center, San Francisco

I think you'll agree she looked,


Hayley & Jason


  1. Gorgeous dress! The great thing is that I'm sure no one else at the Prom had the same dress--very important to teenagers.
    Now I'll be humming "Wonderful Tonight" all day...

  2. How lovely that you got the feedback. And how gorgeous she looked. I was a bit worried it would be too 80's, you know, shoulder pads and frills, but it's beautifully timeless. The power of the internet (enabling this dress to be worn for a prom in the US), heh?

  3. So elegant. A friend of mine took up teaching as a career, I`d lost touch with her after university and was surprised at her choice, we had always enjoyed making clothes, the first magazine we bought was Petticoat (Just bought a 60s copy from ebay)She was always interested in retro clothes and patterns, old buttons etc. We just got back in touch, her husband had died 6 years ago. She is just about to start another university course in textiles and is collecting fabrics and ideas. Isn`t it amazing how we go back to our past, take up where we left off. She would love to be where you are. Keep up the good work kid.

  4. Simply beautiful!!

    Re: your comment on my blog about the macro setting on your camera.

    Sometimes they're not called `macro' - they are called different modes in some cases. Let me know if you have any dramas ...

  5. That dress looks terrific on her. I'm always happy to know that younger women appreciate vintage beauty. It gives me hope, somehow...Peace -D


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