Saturday, 16 August 2008

WHAT THE F*** well a bit of a rant actually

Bloody, BLOODY, sodding football .... l just don't get it or appreciate it!

I've been at work all day, I come home and the tele is on with football, Im uncomfortable in 'my' own living room, out numbered and out voted as the kids and their Dad are watching it.

Apparently, 'the season started today Mum!'' Whoopy effing do!!

It used to be on all day Saturday and Sunday, then Saturday night too and then Sunday night too and NOW they've started kickoff at 5.30pm...

again apparently, 'its been like this for three years Mum!' Hummphh ... again whoopy effing do!!

For those of you that think it isn't a man's world, guess what I DISAGREE this IS a man's world, in my house anyway!

I don't see Gok's Fashion Fix or Trinny and Suse on the tele when I get home at prime time or er Oprah or even Opera!

Am l being sexist, or shallow? l think a bit ... okay so something more general or generic or I was going to say bi-sexual but I mean no sexual, what do I mean ? I think I mean sort of Family viewing, what happened to all those family friendly progs ... I suppose X factor and Big Bro reality progs is the variety type show of now, ouch!

And l know that women like footie too ... but those of us that don't surely cannot be the minority! My lot even subscribe to the specialised footie channels so there is always something sporty or aeronautical or masculine on! I'm out numbered and out voted so I should accept it and move on!

AND I'm not making sense because l'm peed off and I wish l was back at work, at least l have some control there! Maybe!

So what did l do, move on ? ... no I moved on out! I stormed out into my Den/ Greenhouse#1 ...

and then into greenhouse (the real one) #2 and took hold of the secataurs and attacked the wisteria and fuschia bushes....

Sigh.....sorry l'm making no sense at all... I did warn you ok rant over!!

... now that feels better...a cup of tea ... a book ... silence ... before the rain comes ...

Here's my little corner of the world!!


  1. Thanks for the reminder that everyone needs to 'decompress' sometimes.

    My bunch enjoy any sport at any time - I enjoy them being engaged in something that doesn't require my immediate attention, allowing me a little down time-

    Now to have a quiet greenhouse to retreat to!

  2. Might I be so bold as to suggest a second TV - it works wonders in our house.

  3. lol... FUNNY YOU SHOULD SAY THAT!! the kids both have tv's in their bedrooms, but l havent got them aerials, so thye ahve the tv but not agreat that they arent in their rooms 24/7, sort a give them the carrot but its a bit mouldy!!LOL
    I have my books, art my laptop so l do watch the on demand stuff....

    I just needed a moan really!! so thanks for that...

  4. I can completely relate! Our football season is getting ready to start here, and my husband is already starting to salivate! It makes it so that I hate sports, because that is ALL that is on when he is home! Yikes! I feel your pain!
    Your garden is beautiful!

  5. Oh fff,do you feel better now? What would we do without a good rant now and then? Think about it though, those squared eyed sports addicts are doing you a favour, saving you from hours of mind-numbing rubbish when you can be doing the things you love, like painting and reading, gardening and cooking and writing to strangers.
    I havn't watched a football game, a tennis match in years and the Olympics are a blip that will, like all things boring, pass. But the good things, like the proms are on the radio, and they will never, ever comandeer that.

  6. Now this was funny from the safe distance of about two thirds of England.

    Come on Arsenal!

    Actually, I am right with you; we are too football obsessed as a nation and in the media and across TV scheduling.

    Feeling better today?

  7. Than you for visiting my blog.

    I can understand the way you feel. This year I don't mind the start of the football season as my team just got promoted and they won today!

  8. Oh I so agree with you about football! Why can't there be a separate channel just for sport?

    I'm here by way of David (Authorblog) btw. :)

  9. Aha! A well deserved mention on David's Post of the Day! I've outlived the sports fanatic in my household so this sort of stuff is a non-issue. I do remember having to shut myself in a spare bedroom with a book to escape the madness.

    I examined with great interest the photos of your greenhouse/den. Your art work is absolutely lovely!

  10. I too have outlived the tv viewing of my spouse and at times when my house is so quiet, I wish I had that noise because then I would know that he was just in the other room.

    Relish the noise, embrace the fact that your children are still interested in watching football and are immersed in a healthy activity. There are worse things they could be involved in.

    I appreciate the fact that you performed your rant here and not on your children. :o)


  11. Lovely - the room, not the rant. The rant was funny - effing funny, in fact. Over from David's.

  12. It's good to rant once in a while. We actually have a lot in common -

    1. I come from Hadrian's Wall land (born and bred.)
    2. I live in a male dominated house.
    3. I escape to the green house.
    4. I take it out on the weeds and trim stuff when in a mood too.
    5. I can rant.
    6. I can not make sense too.

    Over from David's, congrats on POTD.


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