Tuesday, 5 August 2008

We're off on a road trip ...

Oh bugger it! I just realised that I saved this post to draft instead of publishing it before we left last tuesday... here's what I wrote!

We're all packed, the car is stuffed to overflowing and my sister in law is here to dog and house sit, in that order!

We each have our own bag full of road trip basics, foamy fruits, wine gums, bananas, assorted sarnies and raspberry muffins, to be eaten in any order in the first two hours, then everyone will be high on sugar and then we'll hit a low 5 hours before we arrive.

We will be staying in a vintage AirstreamTrailer, known as a silver bullet, courtesy of Vintage Vacations uk and then we will explore the island and have some fun.
Hopefully we will relax sometime too, as have some great books packed, including Rushdie's Midnights' Children, l'm determined to master the Booker master, and a favourite author of mine is Joyce Carol Oates, her latest paperback, The Gravediggers Daughter and the latest hyped book, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller, which is a Richard and Judy Summer Read choice. It has some literary creedence apparently, as the author is the daughter of playwright Arthur Miller, (and is the wife of Daniel Day Lewis why that's of any import, who knows!)
I will also turn 50 while we're away! So when l come back l shall know how it feels.
See ya soon!


  1. Great caravan!

    I really didn't enjoy Midnight's Children. What did you think of it?

  2. well its like this, l didnt get the chance to pick up any book, and l didnt read a single line...sigh!!
    will let you know what l think of it....lve tried other sof his, and couldnt get into his ryhtmn, well couldnt find on...but everyone raves about his work..what am l missing!? LOL


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