Saturday, 30 August 2008

Stroppy, southern strumpets!

I feel so laid back... I'm practically horizontal!

We set off in good time, as Lynn called to collect me, a treat to be driven (and l still wasn't ready). We were chatting so enthusiastically, that 40 minutes later we whizzed past, (in case James reads this, he won't but ...) by that I mean elegantly and sedately drove past the turn off and then 5 miles later turned around. Our 'treatments' were not until the afternoon so we knew it was okay to be fashionably late.

'You were meant to be here for 10am did you get lost?', said the manageress, as we presented ourselves at reception in smiles of expectation at 10:10am! This was not the start we hoped for! Trouble follows Lynn and I around, I think we appear to be a couple of stroppy southern strumpets, to the dour Cumbrians and it usually leads to a confrontation!

Our first treatment had been moved up to 10.30am and the next at 11.30, we later realised to accommodate a residents recent booking for 15.

'Well we did book this in April!' l said, ' and no one has called to confirm or alter anything!' the mangeress turned away unimpressed but still smiling.

When she returned Lynn poured oil on the troubled Bassenthwaite Lake waters by saying, ' I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, lets start over!' and tea promptly arrived which we dutifully consumed. With a strong whiff of 'miffed' in the air, we hastily changed into cossies and our fluffy robes.

Two treatments of nearly two hours; a full body polish and a facial with 'eye lift' (nip tuck) later and I was almost asleep, unable to get off the couch for the reeelaaxxed sensations throughout my entire body and atrophied bottom!

My skin feels like a new born's, my face is plumped up and glowing like an uncooked sausage, but looks better than that honest, and is now blemish free with the whites of my eyes shining healthily!
We adjourned to the lounge and a gallon of water, our light luncheon was served, I chose cajun spiced crusted salmon fillet on a ceasar salad (with a big Brit twist obviously), Lynn chose a chicken version, it was Yummy and we chatted and chilled some more.

The down side of our treatments being in the morning was that we had the sole use of the swimming pool, spa pool, steam room and sauna but we didn't want to wash all the creams, potions and lotions off! So we gently steamed and spa'd, refused all the rest and had some alcohol and chat on the terrace, not once dipping into our books and mags. We had a 'high' tea (and that was just the cake stand) and then our last treatment at 5pm was a pedicure. Bliss!

A new Spa is being built next door to the current coach house block and will be open for guinea pigs, sorry paying volunteers to work out the kinks in January '09, these two guinea pigs are pencilled in for the works...

Northern tip of Bassenthwaite Lake


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my Yukon posts - yes, I am having a series of amazing experiences here.

    Not much internet access!

  2. Wish I had found that place when I lived in Cumbria. Would have made a change to Penrith Horse Sales.

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  4. I followed and link and found myself here. Your spa day sounds heavenly, I've always wanted to do a spa day, maybe I will now after reading of your experience. :)


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