Saturday, 2 August 2008

Pippa pics!

I've been asked to post some pics of our dog Pippa.

She is frequently spotted in posted images, as she always seems to find her way in.
She is a black Labrador of approx 12 yrs.

Pippa has not been too well in the last 12 months, but appears to have come through it all well and is a happy elderly member of the family.
She follows us about endlessly it seems, more so since her companion Barney died 2 years ago.

Barney was our beloved one eyed and approx 20 year old Jack Russell/Terrier.


  1. Hooray! You can't go wrong with a happy, loyal hound!

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog - always feels better when I know there is a support network out there....good to pop in and look at your blog which is fab. I will be back after my travels! Lxx

  3. Hey FFF, long time no popst - how's it going?

  4. Some dogs are just born posers!

  5. Thanks so much for sending me this link :) I am a black lab fan from way back - in fact I have owned two.... Jenny and Tai... and after that I decided to try life with a smaller dog. I guess my other favourite dogs were goldies, but for years i was put off at the thought of all the grooming! SO Saff was a chance to get one, and actually she requires very little work.

    Ears are funny things.... and legal prescription rules are there to make sure the right drugs are used... but if it was just wax, ask them about some gentle cleaning products for her ears to help stop it building up. Also, many dogs get allergies which make them shake their heads - maybe a contact allergy to grass etc, or occasionally food will do it. Here in New Zealand it is often mange or fleas!


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