Friday, 1 August 2008


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I have just signed up for photostory friday and I may being doing this all wrong! Time will tell!
I thought I had to take the photo on friday, so hampered by lots of rain but inspired my David AUTHOR BLOG's PSF post. I took Pippa out for her eveing walk with camera.
We strolled down the lane, just across from our home. The lane runs beside the River Eden and so l just started clicking ... trying to not think but click, 'outside the box' !

The rain had recently ceased and the clouds parted to bring out the sunlight.

I love the pattern of tree bark, pink, purple, grey, blue, green ...

Sunlight twinkles through the canopy ...

The River Eden, brooding sky ...

The thing of it is, I am usually looking down at my feet, (I am pretty clumsy!) or looking ahead watching Pippa, but TODAY I was really looking. I noticed through the lens a flapping flag. Puzzled I looked again and I realised it was the English Heritage flag on top of Carlisle Castle. I was thrilled l had noticed this little gem, that I otherwise wouldn't have noticed. We live less than a mile away, but there is a river and a park and trees that separate us. So I knew it was there, but not in our line of vision.

Like the end of my nose, I couldn't see for looking!

Thanks David for opening my eyes!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


  1. Thank you for many things:

    a) for the lovely comment on my blog,
    b) for joining in Photo Story Friday, the great theme from Cecily and Mama Geek,
    c) for having fun with your camera and
    d) for the generous acknowledgement of my humble part in your post.

    Do keep in touch, especially if I can help with photography matters ....

  2. I found your blog via David's. Your photos are beautiful, and I love love love the name of your blog!

    Once I get a better camera, I'd love to join PSF, too!

  3. FFF, can we have a closer piccie of the hound please? She seems an inquisitive sort!

  4. Pics of Pippa will be posted shortly on blog!

  5. Good Morning - I am wandering around in the blogosphere this morning and enjoyed my visit. I am a wanna-be photographer and I love taking pictures with my little camera. AND I could relate to the name of your blog! Enjoy your day.

  6. Welcome to PSF. I love noseying at other people's piccies.

    Pretty, pretty sunshine through the trees.

  7. Thank you for sharing your photos - such bring inspiration.

    ( As part of current re-invention i was blowing the dust off my camera today and trying to get my head around a few fs and iso's.... will see what gets framed).

  8. Nice photos FFF! Like the one of the flag over the Castle especially. Will be in touch soon to sort out (re: meeting). Cheers, Hadriana


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