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My first day of school

Yes I do remember it and another thought provoking question from David Authorblog to stimulate the grey cells!

I was barely four in Sept' 1962 as I was an August baby. (My mother, moannie & MEG , has just written a comment to correct me, I was five!) She handmade me, I remember her sitting stitching it, a grey flannel skirt with straps. My parents made a big fuss of me being so grown up and I was excited but apprehensive too, as there were no nurseries etc to acclimatise us to big school in those days.

I remember walking into this huge brightly lit room, and being asked to sit at a table in the front of the class next to the teachers desk. Everyone else was already in class, l didn't understand why.

The teacher had a wide smile and big teeth, I can see her now. She smelt of cigarette smoke and the thick powder which covered her face. I was always mesmerised by her heavily powdered skin and face. She kept a powder compact and a packet of cigarettes on her desk. I remember the packet had picture of a bearded sailor or stuck through a navy and gold circle, Players l think? She coughed a lot.
I stayed in this teachers' class, whose name for the moment escapes me, as the other kids went up a class I stayed with her, I liked her a lot, she was kind and encouraged me and I soon caught up with my contemporaries. It was my first feeling of inferiority. I remember her very clearly but not so the other pupils. I can only remember their reaction to me when I had caught fleas, from one of them! They called me flea bag forever or so it seemed. On a Friday afternoon we would all squeeze into Mr. Hake's class for story time, my favourite time of the week. I was happy when I left.

We emigrated to Canada in '66 and then moved to Mexico in '67, by the time I returned to the UK system in late '68, I was well behind the others. I soon lost interest and the study ethic and I never really found it until my 40's. I now study with the Open University and I love it!


  1. Fantatic! The OU will never let you down! What are you studying?

  2. darling girl, you were five, and I remember that skirt. You passed the fleas to me and nana, and I was so devastated I cut off all your lovely thick curly hair, sobbing as I did so. Mum sat like a lamb as I treated her head lice and then she did mine. In those days the only treatment was an evil smelling vicuous black liquid and a fine toothed comb.

  3. The dotterel....thanks for dropping by!
    I'm studing mostly humanities. I love Art and its histories and Literature. Although P&P will never be the same for me,the way critically deconstucted it...

    I dont believe Jane Austen wrote and structured it to an academic formula...

    Saz x

  4. That's facinating! I think we are lucky to have found the OU. I was never so enthraled by learning when I was younger. It was all just a social whirl for me!

  5. I do not remember much about my first day ar school - too long ago now.

    Good luck with your OU course. I have thought about doing an OU degree at times but other things have got in the way.


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