Thursday, 21 August 2008


...well that's what l was feeling like this morning ... all kind of angsty, itchy and all a fluster, like a cat on a hot tin roof, until my daughter called me that is! Why was I so uptight, because l think l knew more than she what it could all mean....

(LOL... well l can dream I actually resembled my profile pic more!)

We were up early, like thousand of families across the land, I helped her blow dry her new hair style, my old hairdressing years coming into good use. I left for work, she for school already looking more than a year older than she did when she broke up from the fifth year, sorry l mean year 10!

At barely 10.30 she texted, l called her and she exclaimed the results, 10 gcse's, with A*'s, A's, B's, C's and D's to make it a royal flush! Better than she feared, more than she hoped, considering the window of despair in the spring, I'm very pleased for her.

Well done my girl!! Now breathe... and enjoy the new year, the new opportunities and be measured. The world is yours ....

There is something very pure about feeling so much happiness and pleasure for her achievement and for the hopes for her future.


  1. Congratulations. Mine is off to Year 7 in Sept, I still will think of her as a first year!

    Just about to add you to my blog list hope that's ok? :)

  2. suburbia...sure thats great...btw, should l always ask before l add blogs, not sure of the blog l've added several without first asking?
    Am l in trouble?

  3. I don't think you'd be in trouble! I'm not sure about etiquette!!

  4. Youth and school. Such rich and turbulent times. A good hairstyle goes a long long way.


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