Thursday, 14 August 2008

Happy Holidays ... Part two

On Day two, we ate breakfast outside the trailer as the weather was dry and hotting up, the view was pretty great too! (I'm saving some pics for Photoshop Friday!)

We visited the western tip of the island, Allum Bay and went on a boat trip out the the Needles.

The Needles from Allum Bay

In the afternoon the kids hung around in a tree!

Goodleaf Tree Climbing

On Day three we found a little bay called Steephill Cove and they werent kidding either!

Steephill Cove
Some sun soaking was followed by tea and cupcakes ( I had two!!) in the company of Helen my pal and host from Vintage Vacations uk.

Mimi's cupcakes from Goodman's Deli

These delicious cup cakes and a selection of fine foods are available from Goodman's Deli, 14 High Street, Ventnor, tell Edward & Stacey I sent you! 01983 855510 or check out Goodman's Deli online

Mimi's cup cakes are made by the talented Suze who also runs Suze's Room on Pier Street, Ventnor a shop filled with vintage clothing, household and vanity items, textiles and mirrors.

Suze's Room

Some days you may find Helen running up another unique bijoux garment, designed by her good self using great vintage fabrics. (at this rate Helen you will rule the world one day!)

Visit Helen's Etsy shop, what the heck visit my Etsy shop too whilst your at it!

Sara's Etsy Shop

Helen's Etsy Shop

P.S. I mustn't forget to mention Helen's SHOP IN A BOX
(yes l know this is sounding a bit obsessive stalker like, but it's not honest, it's just admiration!)
A vintage case, filled with restructured and reinvented jewellery, assorted cards & postcards, and the very sought after vintage airstream trailer christmas tree bauble!

Shop in a Box


  1. Cupcakes are so trendy at the moment aren't they? I've asked for a cupcake cook book (trying saying that after a few) for my birthday, may post piccies if I make some decent ones. Looks like a fun holiday!

  2. yeah l'd like to know how to make them look so full, and not like my usual iced ackes with 100s and 1000s....l think Nigella has a recipe, l keep meaning to look. I think the secret is an icing bag and amercian frosting!!

  3. Hey there birthday lady!! Happy 50th to you! I did that last November. I really don't like the sound of it but I really don't feel any different?

    Thank you for stopping by afterthoughts! I love new bloggin friends! That hubby saver napkin was sort of a joke for my family ;) I have a brother in law who always has something on the front of his shirt and he never bothers to change it before going out in public! It's so EMBARRASSING! I can't stand it! So maybe my sista might get the hint! Was that mean or what??

    Anywho, I love your pictures, they are wonderful and looks like yall are having a blast!


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