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THE BIG 50!!

Well it has finally happened and l am still here, I am still alive, and I am all in one piece!

The world as l know it hasn't ended, aliens haven't landed or if they have l haven't noticed!

My hair didn't turn white overnight, my waist line hasn't disappeared, well not totally!

l didn't wake up to find myself wearing a nylon frilly nightdress that resembled my great Aunt Margaret's, a hair net, incontinent pants nor bed socks and liver spots haven't appeared on my hands or anywhere else for that matter!

All my faculties are still intact and in good working order. the wheels are all well oiled and the white matter is still clunking away!

I still fancy the pants off Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler in any order, l'm not fussy, but if you push me Gerry's my man!

I spent last Monday evening out with the girls; 20 friends, family and work colleagues, we had fun a few drinks, good food and in great company, what more could a girl ask for?

On Wednesday the kids and I drove down to Southampton to catch the car ferry to the Isle of Wight for a break. When l woke up on Saturday morning, my kids presented me with birthday gifts, cards and chocs they had kept hidden from me all the way down. Surprisingly the chocolate didn't melt in the heat of the car boot! And l even have some left!

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast outside the trailer in sunshine and then we packed up and drove off to Kent to visit with my folks for the weekend.

I was spoiled by my kids, friends and family and so haven't experienced any of the expected after shocks!

Although it is a little bit surreal, l must confess seeing a room full of pink cards, festooned with images of handbags, cakes and chocolates (do they all know me or not!) and large silver 5o's all ove rthe show! I have to keep saying to myself this is me!! And it doesnt feel like it, not one bit ... I don't know what I was afraid off!

It is just a number ... for heavens sake just get on with it girl and smell the roses! AHhhhhh!!!


  1. Happy Birthday for whenever the big day was. Life still goes on and you are really only one day older. No need to be frumpy - 50 is the new 30 or is it 20?

    (I found you on rosiero's blog).

  2. Waht beautiful roses they are too! Happy Birthday! So glad that you had such a great time celebrating.
    Half way to 100 now!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday. It is not so bad, joining the 50+ club. As you say, it is just a number. And when all else fails, LIE and start counting downwards... ie 49 next year and so on!!! Seriously I am soon to be 58 - now that IS scary.

  4. I've been wearing bed socks all my life ... (and I've a hot water bottle in bed tonight)

    Welcome to the 50s! It's fine if you don't give in!

    Glad you had such a good and long-lasting celebration!

  5. Happy birthday and a big God bless. You're right. It is JUST a number.

  6. I'm with David, it's only a number. I turned 50 a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. But I read a quote the other day that put me off. 40 is the old age of youth, 50 is the youth of old age. Probably not what you wanted to hear. Happy Birthday.

  7. It is just a number ... seriously .. that's what they told me when I hit 60 this year ...

    I, too, found my way here from David's ... seems I am in excellent company


  8. Ah you found out 50's no big deal. Just start going back wards now! :)

    Congratulations on 'Post of the Day' at Authorblog.

  9. Ah, but a number ending in zero is an excuse for a party!

    Happy Birthday!

  10. I found your place through Daryl and thought I'd pop in to say hello. Happy belated! I hit the big 5-0 two years ago and also amazingly lived!

  11. Happy 50!
    I accept my hot flashes as nothing more than warm hugs.

    Madonna turned fifty today. Ugh... She is just too fit for her age! Wish I had more free time and her money for a personal trainer.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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