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... the F-ruits of my labours!

This year is the very first year, since the 'Great Storm' of 1987 that I have had a greenhouse, actually I now have two! In 1987 I slept through the nights storm vaguely aware that my husband went out to see to a banging door. I was unaware that the greenhouse glass was a goner and the now empty door was banging in sorrow at the loss.

When I got up for work the next morning my husband slept fitfully on and I left the house, driving slowly, taking note of the branches and foliage rolling about in the great gusts of the storm's afterglow! I eventually had to turn back as a huge tree was blocking the Ashford road from Canterbury. At home, a pot of tea was brewing in expectation of my imminent return and my husband was amused, ' You went out after last nights storm?' Ummm, so I had slept through blissfully unaware, and obviously someone had not appraised me of the situation!

I digress! One of the upsides of our move from the country into town and bungalow bill land, is that we have inherited two elderly and rather unused greenhouses. I have mentioned them before in previous posts, one is 'my den' and is used to store my art equipment, craft tools and various other bijoux pieces of vintage booty! The other greenhouse has also been a blessing and a sanctuary, I ave sewn and potted, fed and watered, nurtured with voice and touch and life has surprisingly sprung forth to my delight. Whenever I am distressed, angry or in need of solace, I hit my den or the house vert . Rather than hit the gin or chocolate, I take either a painting brush or a pair of secateurs in hand and create some 'art' or attack a helpless bush!

I have had succulent strawberries, sweet caspiums/peppers/three varieties of tomatoes; plum, cherry & beef (only one beef tom survived, the rest fell off, were bruised and then rotted). I have chilli peppers, though no one has tried them as yet so I think I may save them in oil, any tips welcomed! I have rocket and assorted lettuce leaves a plenty, spinach, all gone, I would have to grow an acre to fill a pie, let alone a bowl of curried potato and spinach Yum!! More blackcurrants for jam making. The butternut squash, haricots beans and cucumber plants have yet to do anything other than flower, they've probably had it now.

I'm sure I was misinformed as the flowering cucumber plant looks so much like a sunflower! LOL! Oh the joys of a greenhouse or two!

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  1. What a wonderful heartwarming post. I have a grrenhouse which is still very new but I know the enjoyment I get when I see my tomatoes.

    Thanks for contributing.

  2. Oh how lovely your greenhouse garden grows! Enjoy your bounty. I had to chuckle about your little trip out after the storm :0)

  3. The fruits of your labours look fab, & I bet the flavour is out of this world!

  4. I agree with Denise that this truly is a heartwarming post. I'd love to have a greenhouse, but don't have enough land for one. Maybe next summer I'll try growing some tomatoes in pots. I wonder if that'll work.

  5. Happy gardening, the fruits of your labour look decidedly yummy!

    ann at
    Gallimaufry Gleanings

  6. Wonderful post. Home grown fruit and veg is just that little more special.

  7. Bountiful baskets! Blueberries? Those things are going for $40 a basket over up here. Ahhh, mouth watering.

    I just used to keep my small chilis dry.

  8. Congratulations on a great harvest! : D

  9. Nothing really beats harvesting the fruits of your labor. Fresh produce is certainly the best there is.

    I played, too! My "F" photo is up here.

  10. What fun you'll have growing goodies.

  11. Everything looks delicious! I have been enjoying the fruits of my garden for awhile, too, especially the tomatoes. There's nothing like a fresh home-grown tomato, is there?

  12. Wonderful ABC Wednesday post and text. I can taste the fruits of your labor because you've done such a fine job with camera and keyboard.

  13. What a delightful place...
    A fun place to spend time -- yummy too...

  14. i support your pursuits, apart from the blackcurrant ones. i find no useful purpose for blackcurrants, they are wrong.

    otherwise, nice use of the greenhouse! *someone* has got to balance out my lack of skills in this area. :)

  15. Lovely!

    Freeze chillies and use as needed. Although if you're like us you'll have so many you'll still be using 2008's crop in 2012!

    I too slept through the storm. Even though a tree fell across the road outisde my bedroom!

  16. Oh Holly, LOL are you being provacative? blackcurrants wrong?? LOL

    ...blackcurrants omg, they are so swee and tangy!!dont you like jam, preserve, conserves, sorbet, with summer fruits or apple, as a cobbler, crumble, pie, tart, and the colour is like no other berry/currant, in an alaska, or on a cheesecake as a couli...the list goes on, so easy to cook, a gently simmer and a spoon or two of sugar....appears blue then come out true scarlet!!!

    oh and they freeze so well for years...LOL
    l'll shut up now!

  17. Lovely photos of the Fruits of the labour of Fat, Frumpy and Fifty.
    Fantastic choice for the letter F on ABC Wednesday.

    Bear((( )))

  18. The title of your blog speaks to me. So does your bounty. :-)

  19. I hjave thought about a green house of late... maybe next year I might have something in place for tomatoes and peppers...

  20. Could you blog me half a dozen tomatoes to help with dinner?

    Nice post!

  21. tomates galor ehere, come help yourself, just bring a bottle !!! LOL..

  22. There in six hours then! Hee hee :)

    Red or white to bring along or fizz?

  23. well not being much of a drinker..something light..enough for all of us here? 20+

  24. Can't wait until next year when I start growing vegs in my new garden. Have told the hens they are going to be controlled though, no more wandering as they please.

  25. What a wonderful post and the harvest looks yummy.

  26. great post and man those are nice looking veggies

  27. Beautiful "fruits" from your greenhouse and garden. I have a small floating garden and use pots to grow some additional vegetables such as tomatoes. I invite you to come see. Today my contribution is about a special farm that used to located near my town in Coastal BC. -- Margy

  28. Hi, you'll have to come back over to read about my meeting David this morning! What a wonderful person he is! :D

  29. In this season of salads (our favorites for side dish or entire meal), my mouth waters at these views of your harvest. My daughter has black currant bushes, but they are in the open, not protected as in a greenhouse, and she has lots of competition from the birds.

  30. grannie smith (was also my grannie) and the blackcurrants are outside, and yes the minute they are ready they MUST be picked or they can disappear while you are at the supremarket!! its happened to me two years on the trot, they get so full and luscious that the birds cant resist..

    glad oyu enjoyed..

  31. I'm looking at some of the ABC Wednesday and sorry I'm day late coming by.

    The fruits of our labor never seems to go untouched.

    If you get a few moments stop on by and the coffee is always on.

  32. Congrats on a great and colourful blog, Lala. Amazing where you find the time for everything you do.


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