Wednesday, 16 July 2008

What's with the inches v pounds?

Bloody hell! It really is true! I never would have believed it, if l hadn't seen it for myself! Holy crap. I can put on weight and get thin! DOH!

Here's the gig, I had gained some weight over the last 10 years. I can't blame the gain on giving up smoking cos l did that in '90. I can't blame pregnancy and babies cos I did that in '91 and '94. It obviously wasn't the breast feeding, cos l did that from '91 through to '96, please don't groan so loudly, l heard that! LOL! SO I guess it the Galaxy and bigger portions.

Two years ago wanting to approach my 50's healtier and thinnier, I decided to take my self in hand, (if you'll pardon the expression) and l gently dropped 3olbs, down from a voluptuous size 18/20 to a curvy size 14. So bit by bit I chucked out ALL the old clothes and as I shrunk down over 6 months I replaced old sizes with new.

After 12 months I bought MORE clothes and shoes (yes, if you drop that much your FEET get smaller too!) and since I have acquired a few more items to hide at the back of the wardrobe , under the bed (and if desperate the boot of the car) and then I gradually intoduce them as, 'What this? Oh I've had this for ages, just haven't had the place/time/event or indeed imagination to invent another barefaced lie to tell you!'

Before as my weight fluctuated over the years, it wasnt a bother to me. SO what's this all about then, its all gone on in the same bloody place! A drum roll for the belly roll! In February I joined Curves, the ladies only gym, that recommends 30 minutes workout x 3 times a week (in fact its less than that, I'm usually there and back in 40 minutes) and I've dropped about 15 inches in total, but get this I'm about 10lbs heavier than I was when I joined.

I do feel fitter, I'm more or less the same dress size, but I feel bigger. Apparently it's a fact that muscle weighs than fat in the same space. Go figure!

Maybe it'll all settle down when I'm through the other end of this hot space they call menopause.



  1. Hello,

    There was a lot going on in that post! Does it not follow that if you are happy in self, one's stats are irrelevant? Anyyhow, your post sounded positive and jolly.

    I have put on 4Lbs in the seventeen years since I was nineteen and remain about 12 and three quarters heavy at six feet five tall. It's all extremely gangly here in BS5!

    How was the 'line' on the way in to work today?

    Have a good Thursday night!

  2. thanks mr Gangly BS5!! I was just blowing off steam last night, few tough days at work, tough evening with the kids and then venting!! (I actually hoped no one was listening and I was gonna get around to deleting the thing tonight..ah well...nuff said.

    the picket line was ONE, and a mate, he looked a tad embarrassed as I pointed my brolly at him (to try and diffuse the embarrasssment) and he handed me a leaflet, and went in... absolute chaos!!(picket line went home 5 mins later!)... a skeleton staff, busy, busy, box office phone rang all day...and...well I refuse to rant tonight...
    off to read the blog list to catch up on you and others days events...


    sara x

  3. It's the dress size that matters. My weight isn't shifting at all, but if my shape is changing... slowly, slowly... that's what matters.

    Metabolism changes and BMI charts fail to reflect the impact of age, childbirth etc.

  4. 'Metabolism changes and BMI charts fail to reflect the impact of age, childbirth etc.'

    thats a great title for a post!!


    sara x


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