Monday, 28 July 2008

Time to smell the roses...

I'm taking time to smell the roses! Literally speaking of course!
It's the first day, of my run of 19 days off, then 6 days back at work, followed by a further 9 days off. Lucky me.

Today has been a mix of
running around and trying to sit in the garden for more than 15 minutes at a time.
I have spent most of the morning with my son at hospital with the Orthodontist and most of the afternoon hanging around waiting for my car to be serviced.
Excited for me aren't you?
I love the simplicity of these daisies, they are uncomplicated and so pretty.
I'm not sure what this yellow flower is, as it was given to me soon after we moved in. Just a bunch of roots in a carrier bag, they've been fed, watered and nutured and this opened yesterday to reveal itself. A member of the daisy family I ponder and wonder!
The purple and white double petunia was a lovely surprise also, as it hasn't done what it said on the label, its sort of multi layered and all frilly, and it remnds me of raspberry ripple ice cream....Mmmm

So eventually I did sit, I did relax and I did put my feet up.
I also took pictures of some of the plants as they are pretty spectacular at the moment, nourished with a good mix of rain and sunshine.

Happy, sunny daze.....


  1. Where are you FFF? I fancy that you must be nearby? Very nice to know there is blogger close by. I like your blog and will keep popping back. Toodle pip. Hadriana

  2. I come over to Carlisle quite often (I think that is where you are?)...if you fancy a coffee...just let me know and when can sort something out? Bye for now!


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